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  1. I’m looking for some input on my 8day old blueberry glue auto. I believe I may have overwatered my leggy plant. I adjusted my light to 28” and 40% power. Humidity is 50-55% Day temperatures 75-78f .

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  2. What is the wattage on your light. Should be about 18 inches with 40 % power and let them dryout or your leggy seedlings will rot.
  3. more light fastest will grow. i always use full power and adjust the height. you have perlite and fabric pot. the soil will dry fast. is near impossible to overwater when you use perlite and fabric pot
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  4. Yes my mix is happy frog/ perlite at a 75/25 ratio. Thanks for your reply
  5. Yeah Here is the deal . Keep in mind im not an expert with these new led lights .
    I do see stretch . Meaning lack of light . (BUTTTTTTTT) i have had the same issue as you with these new led lights .
    I had my light way above running higher power vs closer to the plant running less power.
    Ok so i moved the light closer to the plant . Then dimmed the light to the proper lumens . The stretch went away.
    I did make a post about this about three years ago. I never got any replies back. Why it makes a difference at least with my light idk. So yes move the light closer dim the light accordingly will fix the stretch . Other then that your plant looks ok .
    How bright does it need to be get a lumen meter . Ebay amazon there cheap 15 bucks .
    How many lumens do cannabis indoor plants need
  6. a germination heating matt could help dissipate some of that excess water if you were concerned the pot is oversaturated.
  7. Day 10 or so here my light is real close and not much stretch but you are in your final pot so you better try to keep that stretch to a minimum

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  8. leave the light at full power and lower the light to gain 77f/25c, use the temp to guide to guide you

    good luck
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  9. Your lighting is a top priority issue.
    How big is your grow room?
    What kind of light do you have in there ? Make model actual wattage?
    How far away is your light ?
    Led Lighting required watts per square foot of grow space is 35 actual watts per sq foot.
    30 watts is minimum about 16 to 20 inches away.
    If you have CFL T5's drop then to 6 to 8 inches away

    As you can see they're is zero soil in FFHF soil less potting soil. Pretty much all nutrients
    I fully agree with adding in perlite for drainage
    Your plants need minerals too, I think its a great idea to add in top soil too.
    Average top soil is 5% nutrient or organic matter Also 50% silica , which makes you plant strong and PM and insect resistant to a certain degree.
    Suggesting you mix 50 to 60% FFHF potting soil to 40 or 50% soil perlite mix,
    I always add sand in to but thats me
    Happy Frog Potting Soil (12qt & 2cf) | Planet Natural
    Ingredients: Composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, humic acid (derived from Leonardite), oyster shell and dolomite lime (for pH adjustment).
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  10. oops a sr moment.:smoking:
  11. My light was way to high 36” to be exact don’t know why I know better. I just moved my light down to 22 inches and turned it up to 40% and it seems that the health I’m using in Mars Hydro LED 480 actual watts in a 4 x 4 grow tent . Thank you for all your info.
  12. @ 30 watts per square foot turn your light up to 100%.

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