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Too much THC?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slothbear, Sep 7, 2001.

  1. Alright I wouldnt so much call this a problem as a question, but its a bit of both.

    In the last 6 months I have been smoking pot and hash oil anywhere from 5-6 times a day, and after smoking the last bit of my 3 OZ's of hash oil last night I decided to buy some pot because I haven't had any in a little while. Now black hash oil is sopposed to be around 30% THC, takes me about 20-30 hoots of the stuff to get me high. I buy a bag of some killer pot, it takes me 4 joints to get high! and then I am not even really high, it is like I can get 'high' but I cant get any higher. and it isnt the quality because all my friends who get high almost as much as I do get stoned off of one, but why is it becoming so difficult to get high?

    This problem is taking up quite a bit of money and I was wondering if maybe quitting tokin for a couple weeks or something might do something for me, or maybe switching my smoking method (I always smoke it in a bong or as a joint), was thinking on getting a vaporizer or something as a change of pace. Maybe I have just disrespected the herb by smoking it so much and this is the punishment, I cant get high!

  2. I've had this problem. It's not too bad. Yes you have over THCed yourself. It sounds weird, but for the next day try not to get real high, rool some tobacco (if you can stand it) into the buds and only take 4-7 hits and put it out. The next day wait till around 5 or 6 at night and drink a lot of cleansing fluids that day. Go mountain biking or rock climbing, something that will allow you to sweat. That night when you take the first hit you will start to see a difference.
    I try to go on a cleansing day once a month. Lots of activity lots of fluids and no buds. The next day I feel the shit back the way I wanted it too.
    The more cleansing the better the reward. It's like any thing if you don't give the mind a break, then it will start to feel that the effects are the norm. Kind of like coffee, but without the addiction.
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  3. take some days off from getting high. or a week or month if you stand it.
  4. Cool, thanks for the advice.:) spark one for me...wait, I guess i cant.
  5. I concur entirely. Taking time out every now and again is a necesity. I try to take a week out every now and again just to show all the antis that it aint addictive and that i can do it whenever i want, handy, cos the weed is better when i get back. This definately helps keeping the highs fresh.

    Also try switching strains alot too. even trying going from sativa to indica seems to help loads. if you're an indica man trying sativa for a while will make the indica seem stronger when you go back and vice versa. (but i prefer hybrids myself)

    you should see if you can get some G13 buds too, or better yet some seeds. :)

    can't say anything for the vapo tho, never tried it myself. You get the highest ratio of THC in comparison to the other shit.... but i don't know if you get the highest amount of THC.

    Have you ever tried rockets (lungs)? not all that healthy though, but healthier than smokin it with tobacco.

  6. "Have you ever tried rockets (lungs)? not all that healthy though, but healthier than smokin it with tobacco."

    I havent herd of that what is it?
  7. How to make a rocket and what is it.
    By Digit.

    Working similarly to a bucket, you use a 2L (or 3 if you have the lung capacity) plastic bottle, cut of the bottom and attach a bag to the bottom (some types of bread bags work best) so that when you push (suck) the bag inside the bottle it mades a neat fit (or maybe ever so slightly more). Use sticky tape for this to create an air tight fit around the bottom of the bottle, you will have to carefully cut of all exesive bag material.. Pull the bag out and attach a piece of string to the bag at the furthest out point, making sure the string is long enough to stick about 6" or more out the bottom when the bag is in the bottle. The use any similar bowl device that u use for buckets on the top of the bottle. trap the string with your foot, spark the buds and slowly raise the rocket up (not too slowly or the smoke collects and becomes too harsh) keeping the buds burning as it takes of, speeding up once their burning well... WE HAVE BLAST OF! :) once string and bag are fully extended, take of bowl, exhale as much as possable and suck it all up as fast as you can. Do not try to suck it up slowly or you are almost deffinately likley to cough it all out half way through. The faster the better, it can become harsh quite quickly. Hold it in for as long as you feel comfortable (the longer the better) and have some water on stand by. HOUSTON WE HAVE ENTERED ORBIT! and trust me ... its worth it. rockets can and often are more powerfull than bongs or buckets, and the high is the most intense your likely to ever experience. I reccomend you get some high quality sativa (or hybrid) for the best trip you can get outta cannabis. Then you and you and your friends can go rocketteering and have massive sesions just with rockets. most i've done in one night is 10. Most i've ever seen being done IN A ROW is 12! ... I think i should start a new thread on rockets somewhere else as they are not known of by enough smokers out there.

  8. Take a break. Free your mind in a different way and you too will once again enjoy the sweet fruit. Take about 14 -21 days off and you should be good again.
  9. except for the first time i ever smoked weed, the only time i ever whiteyd was juast after comming back from a break. I had been smoking crap ol soap before and when i came back the lads had got some very nice white widow (i think) and i was toking harder than i have ever done just because i was so happy to be able to again... mistake... bleargh! big mistake.
  10. isnt it possible to have some kind of an allergic reaction when you smoke too much? im not talking death or anything. but itchy skin. thats what iive heard

    also, me and my friends have smoked out .. "less expierenced" tokers with my bong and they get what me and my friends call "sensory overload." You just toke so much that your senses have taken in so much that light or noise or touch irrate you and you just want to be alone. anyone ever get this? and if anyone knows, is there a more commonly known name for this... it only happened to me once.. i was being real greedy (im usually pretty generous) with my trees and every time i packed a new bowl i would take the first green hit. well blah blah.. i got it and then my friend comes up to me with some WALLS (E) so i pop that shit.. i was so fucked up that night... the E really brought me out of the whole sensory overload...

    sorry it was so long.. prob not what you all wanted to hear
  11. A few weeks ago I stopped abrubt smoking pot and sigarettes, and now I smoke sometimes a joint and then I'am stoned like I never was???
    Greetings Eddy
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  12. eleven years later
  13. Rockets


    Smoking plastic man, I'd rather take the tobacco.
  14. Definitely take a t-break. Oils and concentrates can reaaaaaally boost your tolerance or so I've heard, but I'd imagine 3 oz's of oil over a couple of months definitely would raise it lol

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