Too Much Tape - Cant Open The Damn Box

Discussion in 'General' started by Lockout, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Look at this s**t
    I get s**t like this in the mail ALL the time. There's such thing as too much tape, guys. How the hell do I open this?
    How? HOW?!

  2. that's what pocket knives are for. 
  3. whats in the box, is it an illegal shipment of narcotics?
  4. Set it on fire and melt it
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  6. get a blade blade... as someone who sells lots of shit online I can tell yuh, lots of shit can happen to packages if you don't fortify your packages you send (all depending on the type of packaging of course, the lower the cost of your packaging the better you gotta tape that shit up.. That one is a bit ridiculous though hah.. looks like it was dipped in liquid plastic or some shit.
  7. Open it with your mind.
  8. fuckin knife.
  9. I've gotten packages like that. Once I brought something from eBay and the lady just taped the containers?! Didn't box them or anything.
  10. I've carried a pocket knife since cub scouts. Blows my mind that anyone would consider themselves to be fully dressed without one. Unless you are in England or some other pansy nanny state country that doesn't let you. If that is the case, I weep for your govt mandated lack of self reliance.
  11. Why is this a question? They make tools called BOX CUTTERS; their purpose is to OPEN BOXES. You have now been enlightened
  12. Same I proudly carry my Kershaw everywhere. I do feel naked without a knife.
  13. shoot your item out.

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