Too much sun? 1st CA Outdoor Grow

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  1. Hey Folks - super pumped to be here. I'm in mid-California and it gets pretty sunny and hot here (temsp in the mid 90's to mid-100's not uncommon at all). Normally I only grow indoors from Oct - June for temp reasons.

    This year I'm trying my hand at an outdoor grow. Everyting was going along great then we had a really host,m super sunny day and now my plants are unhappy and I'm not sure what to do.

    - remove from sun for a bit
    - add water

    I'm sad but I also don't want to do moire damage by overwatering, etc so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. I grow in direct sunlight in NorCal foothills from early morning to sundown. With temps up to 107º. You may have to do an early morning and evening watering on hot days. I've never had an issue.
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  3. The black plastic pots should be painted white or covered with something to keep the direct sun off the pot sides. I've had damage from direct sun as the roots seek the pots sides and a hot day will burn tender roots. The fabric ones likely to dry IME see how they look after it cools off..
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  4. Just curious...Have they been outside the whole time and a hot day limped them out? Or did you bring plants from inside and put them outside recently? BTW you already have good advice posted here.
    You might consider that keeping the roots cool will help a lot with keeping the plants from reacting to the heat. Being in a larger body of soil or in the ground is the best for heat resistance and size/yield for that matter.
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  5. Great advice about the soil. I've got 10-Gallon cloth bags but was trying to wait until I could sex the plans to transplant them.
  6. I'm in the foothills above Sacramento. Are your growing now? I was only watering 2 x per week.
  7. I started them in outside by bring in and out to expopse a little more direct sunlight every day. We had a cold/cloudy spell so I brought the plants inside for about a week and grew indoors. Then the weather turned nice and they9've been outside since - maybe 2 weeks but they are all looking very sad and droopy.
  8. Sounds like you're underwatering, although you have to adjust for growth. The signs to look for underwatering are a limping of the leaves and the petioles. Overwatering will have just the leaves pointing downward and they'll look to be full of water.
    Once you bring them outside you wanna leave them there to acclimate. Outdoor plants have to be able to handle fluctuating outside conditions - including the change in sunlight. By babying them and bringing them inside you ultimately do them a disservice. Best luck to you and your plants, they look like they're off to a good start.
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  9. I am 40 miles North of you. I grow in 100gal fabric pots. I only watered twice a day when it was extremely hot outside but didn't give them a whole lot of water each time. My fabric pots are beige. So if you are indeed growing in black pots that could cause a heat problem. I neglected to look at your photo. Also if the plants were indoors under 18 hours of light you would need to put them in the shade and just give them morning sun for a few day to acclimate them. Otherwise they will go into shock. Hit me up if you need any more help.
  10. Thank you so much... I really appreciate the advice. Total noob here and I wan to try and get these plants to harvest.
  11. Keep in mind that watering a plant only cools it for a few minutes. If it's not dry and doesn't need water don't add it.
  12. You are welcome. Glad to help.

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