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Too much smoke - cough and burning in throat

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PinkieGrrl, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I came across some herb from a new dealer. The stuff smells and looks okay, but smoking it is next to impossible. When I take even a small hit, I get so much smoke that I choke and caugh. It looks like I am taking HUGE hits, there is all this thick white smoke... Is this a sign that the herb isn't good or maybe is mixed with some cooking herbs or something? Its so horrible, I cant bring myself to smoke it!!!
  2. I'm assuming you're using a dry pipe like a bowl. Don't torch the bowl, touch the bud with the flame gently.
    Try getting a bong or bubbler. It's easier to smoke with water filtration.
    If you just started smoking marijuana, that could also be the case. Start smoking more frequently and you'll discover that your lungs build higher tolerance to burning matter
    Just take it easy and don't torch the bowl. :)

    Oh and the thick white smoke is generally called "milk hits". They look like milk because the smoke is so white and pure. Ts harder to hold these in because the smoke is too concentrated. Remember what I typed. Only a little flame and inhale. No need to torch it :)
  3. The bud might just be mad dry..

    Wanna give us a picture? :)

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