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  1. Hey Guy's ima newbie and this will be my first grow, I hope everybody is well. I just finished setting up my tent and when I have the inline fan and filter going the tent inflates like a ballon, I can open up a side vent in tent and it normals out but idk if that's how it supposed to work. Have I set it up wrong? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Here are some pics of my set up (pardon crooked filter will adjust)

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  2. Hey I'm a noob also. If opening a vent normalizes the pressure than you're probably right. From what all I've read, your intake should be half the size as your outtake. From your photo is that big fan pushing in air or pulling out air? It should be pulling out and your vent with intake air to normalize the pressure. But i could be wrong & just talking out my ass. Hope you get the answer though.
  3. Turn the fan around and use it to exhaust the area rather than intake. Any opening in the tent will allow fresh air in as a passive intake.
  4. If your tent is inflating, your fan is on backwards. Flip it around.
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  5. Thanks for the reply. When I stick my hand up to the fan outside it feels like air is being sucked in, I was under the impression that the inline fan sucks clean air in
  6. ahhhhhh I got it thanx man
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  7. got it thx my man
  8. thx bro i got some work to do today lol
  9. I’m running an outtake thru a charcoal filter and aircooled hood. 6inch cfm on high.

    My intake is same size fan on low.. yet my tent is inflated like crazy!

    Anyway to fix this? with the cool intake coming in my tent sits around 80F dry run

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  10. Air will come in. It's best to be removing air out the tent rather than in. Unless you have a crazy heat issue, always best to remove air.
  11. damn thats a small tent,,, you proablly could go for a fan speed controller,,, i use 2 of them and like them a lot,, im sure with that size tent,, you need a controller.
  12. I’d also take the filter outside the tent place your fan on the filter and run one tube to your fan you’re losing a lot of head room in a already very small tent.

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