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too much port again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 11, May 1, 2003.

  1. lol,l saw the smartest 4 year old l,ve ever seen today.shes got red hair and tells everyone what to do and she,s right ,lol.l do feel sorry for her mum ,but l love having her here and seeing the eyes when dryfus comes upto her and she ain,t scared of nothing,just stands there and looks up into his face with a look that says bring it on dude ,lol.
  2. I thought critter 2 was the drunk and stoned and pissed critter??? :eek:

    This new critter, "critter 11" must be the "happy grampa critter"
  3. Critter 2 got banned, I think!;)

    Critter, you are so cool. I love the way you love all of those kids!!!!

    POPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's going tonight?????? On the previews, Jenna says something about the vote almost making her pass you think it will be Heidi-Ho?????

  4. No idea on tonight!! I have discussed this today with my survivor groupies at work. We can make an arguement for everybody leaving and everybody staying. Rob is on the hotseat for being a backstabbing bastard but then I would want Rob with me in the final two to ensure my win. Matthew is the strongest competitor left, so he may go.

    The two chicas, jenna and heidi, go on strike tonight so that may ensure their cast-off.

    But my vote is on Rob to go.

    Also, go to the survivor 6 site

    When you are there go to the challenge tracker page where they detail who has one each challenge. When the tribes merged they have it listed as Butch, christy, jenna, heidi, matthem, rob, alex, deanna, dave, and roger. The way the challenge tracker board is set up, there are no blocks for Rob after tonights episode and none for matthew after next weeks. So that lends me to think that those are the next two to go.
  5. Rob has played the game, though. Alex and the girls got way too confident and I don't think that any of them deserve to win and I'm glad that Alex is gone. Jenna drives me crazy. All of that crying when Christy fairly bid on the letter from home just showed what a spoiled and weak person she is. It pissed me off that Jeff let her bid for a letter since there was supposed to be only one bid.

    Butch has done well to still be there. Matthew is the strongest but he has also been straight up with everybody. Usually the most honest or the most dishonest ones win. I have no clue who will take it in the end. I really hope it isn't one of the girls and that simply goes back to the beginning when they did virtually NOTHING to build shelter or get food.
  6. lol. just trying to get 20 posts so l can change my whats its name ,lol.
  7. You have 22. go ahead and change "whats it's name"!
  8. someone explain this to me... is it critter?? or someone in his family or whats going on... ive never been quite sure?? haha. thank ya kindly.
  9. I've often wondered the same thing. Hah.
  10. l see the drunken old fried fart [OFF] still hasen,t changed his tittle after 245 posts ,lol.

    Yes critter 11 is a drunk and stoned critter :D...and yes he does appear to be much nicer than critter2.
  11. We can't do with out critter11..

    He makes us laugh more and more..
  12. lol, the surviver shit confused the hell out of me for a minute

  13. survivor groupies!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA

    sorry BBP, but that is just plain funny :D
    but to each is own I suppose

    (yes yes it was a year ago, but still ;) )

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