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too much on weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nunsbythebundle, May 3, 2012.

  1. Im working a stable job and hoping to get another once the work is done and i spend about 10$/ week on weed is that too much?
  2. Lol we don't know your situation outside of work. You have to tell us more specifically. But I'm spending about 50- 100 a week, age 19.
  3. I'm still going to school and have a 90% average and don't have many other expenses like cars or mortgages or rent
  4. 10$ on weed a week. Idk how you do it.
  5. I spend about $50 to $150 per month, so no lol. and if you can live with $10 a week for weed than good for you! lol
  6. I haven't smoked in a few months so it takes nothing to get me baked lol
  7. Hell no. You're just thinking about money cause that headshop ripped you off earlier. IMO you should spend at least $100 a month on bud, and that's just a starting point.
  8. Yeah i guess its that lol i still gotta save up for a car and shit like that
  9. I know people who spend $0 a week on weed. I also know people who spend hundreds of dollars a week on weed. Moral of the story: everything is relative, only you know if you are spending too much on the herb.
  10. dude $10/week? thats pretty good, i used to pull that off, but now im at $20.
    honestly $10 doesnt seem like enough, so no. thats not "too" much
  11. Ya $200 a week here.
  12. I don't see how you do it .......but that's good though.
  13. im around $60 a week. sometimes more
  14. And I though I spent a lot :p
  15. i'm at about $20-30 a week
  16. Lol I'm 240 every couple weeks
  17. if you dont have bills or gas to worry about, dude you can spend 20 dollars on weed
  18. How? I spend like $20 a week and I use a vaporizer. You must only smoke like once or twice a week.
  19. Honestly $10 of bud would only get me high if it is high grade... i spend about to 250 a week on weed..... And im thinking of quitting or either smoking regs.... Shits gettin expensive...

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