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    Okay guys and gals, I'm new to this hydroponic business so I need some help, maybe a lot. I've been told that there is perhaps (because of claws) there is too much nitrogen in my watering system. How do I test it for my ph level is 6.5? How do I reduce the nitrogen, cut back on the nutrients? What?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Wow - this is my favorite question of all time so far..

    You can't reduce your hydrogen but you can increase your hydroxyl ion concentration.

    I would suggest Sodium Hydroxide, or baring that Sodium Bicarb.

    You can use several methods for pH testing .. strips, solutions or even meters.

    Also - I would suggest you read everything you can find on this web-site before you start growing.....
  3. I must have my head up my you know what. Sorry about that. I should have wrote nitrogen, not hydrogen.
  4. That's OK!
    It was a great question - I laughed for at least a minute :)

    You want to reduce the N in a hydro system add more water.

    If you are asking the question you must me having really dark green leaves.
    I really slam the N on my plants and unless you are showing obvious signs of burn you should be OK.

    You got a PPM / EC meter? That will give you a good idea of how much water you might want to add. Worst case - drain by half and replace with clear water.

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