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  1. at the end of some of my leaves the tips are curled downwards like a crow claw and have red that could mean too much nitrogen so what can I do to deplete some nitrogen
  2. Too much nitrogen doesn't usually cause burnt tips. It causes a dark green color and waxy appearance to go along with the curled (claw like) leaves. You probably have too much or not enough p&k not nitrogen. The first sign of nutrient burn is yellow, red, or brown leaf tips.
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  3. Well my plant has all those symptoms except for the dark green
  4. If no dark green do you have any brown, yellow, or red tips or full edges of leaves? If the answer is yes than you probably have too much P or K. phosphate or potassium or both. You want to reduce the last two numbers in your npk equation. What I would use in this situation is a flush and after a few days a little 1/4tsp shot of General Hydroponics Flora micro. It's 5-0-1 so it's not going to give your plants too much P or K but a great dose of nitro plus calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, ect.

    In my hydroponic garden I just do an immediate water change to optimum nutrient levels. That's one huge advantage of hydroponics that people don't talk about much. You can immediately correct a poor nutrient balance in a matter of minutes. No flush of soil and wait while the plant gets further damaged.
    How to Fix Cannabis Nutrient Burn | Grow Weed Easy
    does it look like the nutrient burn at all?
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