too much nitrogen? Please help

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    These were transplanted 5 days ago, didn't really have issues till I saw some mites a couple days ago, and hit them with azamax. I also fed them on that same day using Advanced nutrients half strength mild feeding. My ph meter had broken earlier so I had to use the ph test kit, so there's a good chance I screwed up the ph as well :/.
    It looks like too much nitrogen/overwatering and possibly ph off? Any help is appreciated, I don't want to make problems worse by chasing issues that aren't there. I also checked the bottom of the roots for pythium, heres what they looked like. 
    They are all in 2 gallon pots with 30% hydrocorn/70% coco, the pebbles are on the bottom of the pots. They were watered with 800 ppm nutes. Air temps are around 80, sealed room at 55% humidity.  Water temps are around 70.


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  2. Friend, I hate to say it, but you're going a good job making those girls sick, so if you're going to continue to grow in coco you had better lower the root-zone ph to 5.8 and get a meter right quick or you'll lose'em.
  3. Yeah I bought another one yesterday, you think ph is the biggest problem here?  Thanks for the reply btw.
  4. Yes, you need to drop it to 5.8 for correction.

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