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Too much munchies?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dirt King, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. When I get stoned at home in the evening, I usually eat just about everything in the house (which isn't much) by morning and then when I wake up my stomache hurts (too full?), but it keeps 'telling' me it's empty, and needs more food, so I eat more, and more, and more, but i don't get full, and by not eating it gets worse....

    I do have a fairly fast metabolism, if that matters, i dont know. I just don't know whats goin on there.....
  2. I can usually limit the food I eat when I'm high, like I set aside a certain amount for when I'm smacked. Also, if you eat something balanced before you smoke, it takes ur munchie level much down....peace
  3. Just talk yourself out of it. Tell yourself that you're just stoned, and it's just the munchies, and that you're not really hungry, no matter how much your brain wants you to think you are, because you arn't!

    Mind over matter, my friend. Pot turns off the "I'm full" message from your stomach, and that makes your brain think that you're hungry, even when you're not. Add to that the fact that food tastes, smells, and feels better when you're high, and it's very hard to resist the urge. But, it's all in your head, honest.

    Tell yourself that you're not hungry. Distract yourself by doing something else. Drink some water instead, it's good for you anyway. The only way to control the munchies is to pretend they're not there.
  4. Yeah... I'll just have to limit myself from now on, and drink more water. I usualy don't drink much water, or anything else, so I'm sure thats got something to do with me thinking i'm hungry when i'm not. Thanks for the help

  5. haha ah man i get mad munchies, just ask dr_krapp its usually his food that gets raided :p lol

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