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    what im going to say is something that i found out just two hours before...
    and I am still shocked.

    i decided to post this as an example for all the school kids in GC who use substances and mix them without knowin/asking first. i hope never none of you may have to deal with a situation like that.

    well one of my good friends is a guy, lets call him K.
    we hang out and we also talk about our personal stuff.
    we also go together at psychedelic festivals or parties.(our main reason to meet exept blaze)
    he once (two years ago) introduced me to his best friend ,lets say H, who was also a very funny nice guy.

    these two have used anything there is out there to use and generally live out of line.

    well the reason i used "was"

    LONG story short
    last week they took mescaline and as i understood by what K. said ,they took alot and
    H. freaked out and tried to fall of the balcony.
    K. had already called two friends to come and help and they did,cause when H. first tried to jump off the balcony they caught him...

    they locked the doors and windows and tried to relax him.. after some very violent moves that H. did (as i understood from the call)

    he broke a door down and then run to a window and
    smashed ,with his head ,the glass while he jumped off the window!!! he jumped through the fuckin glass smashed it with his head and fell,leaving K. and the rest guys two steps behind.

    I am still shocked and i cant believe this really happened.
    he was a very nice and calm guy ,only 28 y.

    the police came by and K. might be in trouble..
    .thank god they didnt find anything in his house.

    the only thing i think about is how that guy wasted his life so unfairly..and his family..
    suicide is for the people left behind and is a very selfish and goddamn stupid thing to do.

    as stupid as fuckin with drugs that you cant deal or taking too much of something...

    whats done cant be undone now ..he is gone.

    but any of you guys that bothered to read this,I hope you'll be careful next time you'll fuck with drugs and take too much to see how much you can deal...
    i wrote this to be read by people that make some specific threads in pandoras.
    I hope you'll all be safe and be alright.

    but still i cant believe how this happened...they are ex heroin users..they should know can that happened ??this was not supposed to happen.:mad: i still deny to believe it...:(

    thanx for hearing me out..

  2. aww bluey im this what you were talkin about in our group?? cuz damn...its sad what happened, and yes it happens all too frequently:(

    hopefuly your friend finds something good in this and calms down on his ingesting
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    no he says he feels responsible and he should kill himself . and you know what...?this is so fuckin stupid..i mean..hes gone...and its terrible..but if he does sth stupid nothing will change.
    people who think about suicide need a really good kick in the ass...
    and im supposed to call him and i have no clue what can i say..what could someone say for that??

    this is fuckin terrible..and its been a week and i had no idea living in my world..
    the funeral was very close even kostas didnt go...
  4. I wouldn't consider that committing suicide. He was on another planet and was obviously not thinking straight. Long story short, one friend of mine got beat up on acid, then jumped off of his house cause he thought he was an angel and could fly. He only broke both of his legs though. Another friend took too many shrooms and ended up taking off all his clothes and going to the hotel lobby cause he thought we were going to kill him. In other words, people who are gone off psychedelics can't be baby sat or controlled imo. Sorry for your loss though, it's crazy whenever one of your friends passes, especially under those circumstances.
  5. thank you...
    i dont consider what helias did a suicide..but what kostas wants to do will be.
    and its ...damn..this is fucked up... really.. the whole situation is FUCKED UP.
  6. Well I have a similar story about shrooms, although it din't end as bad as your. Someone did have to go to the hospital in the end. I'm not sure what happened to my friend. We never saw him take it so maybe he had more one him than we though.
  7. :eek:My condolences bro. I even can't even beleive why he would do that...mesacline isn't THAT hallucinagenic to where you beleive your in a completely different world and do somehting that bad. How much did he take? The same thing with calicoast, even on shrroms or acid you still have to the ability to say to yourself that your on that certain drug and the stuff you think isn't real. Maybe to a certain amount you might not be able to but you hsould know your limit and be extremly catious when doing those substances.

    In all honesty if one of my buddies was really freakin out like that tryin to kill himself, I would do him a favor and knock em the fuck out.

    It'd really be the only way to calm them down if they went out on a suicidal tantrum like that...if telling them repetivly that their on so n so and not thinking straight doesnt work. I hate hearing about these stories because people need to stop being dumb and realize that these are HALLUCINIGENIC SUBSTANCES not to be underestimated.

    Once again i'm sorry for your loss man, he's in a better dimension now though...
  8. that sucks but they should have taken him to the 1st floor
  9. aw hun im sorry to hear that happened :( may he r.i.p and condolences to his family.
    even though drugs are fun, it's never fun to cross over the limit.
    and you're right, what's done is done. maybe others will think twice before ODing..
    i hope you're feeling a wee bit better and hope things with the other friend works out for the best.
  10. thank you guys.... i'll feel better soon. well after seeing his mum..i dont think that will make me feel better...
    the other guy is not well but who wouldnt be..he'll make the right choise i think..
    my suprise was that thy were experienced did they let this happen...
    anyhow..its done now..
    thanks again for your words.
  11. sorry to hear that bro, I only dragged this up because I don't think your friend took mescaline tbh, mescaline is extremely rare and it's hard to freak out on it, and what is sold as mescaline is usually PCP or LSD or some chemicals that isn't mescaline. You'll almost never find it for sale because it is so expensive to make but alot of fakers sell other stuff and say it's mescaline. Don't believe it, it's super rare and nobody sells it because it costs too much to make. Sorry about your friend dude maybe people will learn not to buy stuff on the street because most of it is fake.

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