Too much magnesium?

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  1. Picuture below.... what issue does this appear to be? I should know myself but its appearing fast and why not...only on a few leaves MIDDLE OF PLANT

    Fire og from seed
    40 gallon fabric
    707 organic/lots of perlite
    Lots of yard waste on top

    Feeding cali mag and molasses ..ocassionally gh "grow" or miracle grow when i see it needs some extra but really hasnt in a while.."obviously working on a no till.

    Top of the head anyone?:smoking-rapper:

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  2. Maybe not enough of something on second look

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  3. still not enough Perlite(for the damage that occured)

    I'd potup with 30% perlite and fresh soil

    no more crap into the plant please

    this plant maybe the one to convice you to go either salty or organic grows?


    good luck

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