TOO much lighting?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by deltamike21, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Is there such a thing as too much light>?
  2. mmmm age old question, some say yes, and some say no.......Peace out.........Sid
  3. i say no... as long as the temp are ketp between 70 and 80, should be coo....
  4. Yeh,,, I had so many problems getting the temp right, I had to make loads of mods and changes to keep my temp there, lights good ,,, high temp problem...
  5. once yoou go too hight withthre watts/ft, somewhere around 100w you run into effeciency and cooling issues. If you have a good hydro system, co2, and a water or aircooled hood you can run that many watts. You should only do this say if oyu have a limited space but cna butn allot of lights. Besides that keep it at 50-70w for soil 60-80w for hydro. You can run 80w on soil but hte plant cant use the light as fast as with hydro.

  6. holy crap do i hear that :( ugh :D
  7. yes there is a point where there are too many lumes per cu ft to where the energy intake is too much for the plant and u get a 'melting of photobodies'
    there is also a pt to which there is so many photons coming in that u get a cellular denaturing happenin.
    but both require more than i think u could do in a basement with normal conditions.
  8. hey city, let you know in about 2 months. fixin to put 2 400w MH's in a 24x44x60"h closet. at another site there was every suggestion from using just 1 400 - use both 400's and pack in some floro's at the bottom.

    Have Fun, Dirt

  9. wait to see what kinda heat it puts out, in a closed room, hope your planning on good ventilation.........Peace out.........Sid
  10. thats possible, do a hydro stadium sog to increase the canopy size and you should get highly repspectable g/w numbers for that space. Why not go with a 600 hps or get 2 400w hps? MH is a great bulb for veg and can be used for flower, but hps is a better choice if you dont already have the lights. And if you get the hps yo can always buy a MH conversion bulb for veg. Sid said it, youll need cooltubes, aircooled hood's and/or lots of fans.
  11. don't think heats gonna be a prob. the colds a different story.

    got 1 400MH + 1 empty hood (waitng on bulb)(I'm poor) top flower chamber 70deg off / 80deg on
    4 40w Floro's bottom seed/veg chamber 60deg off 63deg on

    gonna redirect 1 4"x18" vent to the top chamber (lowering temps)
    use 1 175w MH for seed/veg, hopefully raising temps & getting rid of my slow, red stemmed seedlings

    all HID hoods are simple tiangle ^ no cool tubes or vented. thermometer is ~ 8" away from 400w bulb @ 80deg

    if any of this sounds bad LET ME KNOW.

    Have Fun, Dirt
  12. u are no where near the pt of TOO much light. maybe if u had like 10 of those MH pumping out juice...then id start to worry. but i agree with sid. 2 400w MH are gonna put out alot of heat, for that small of room.

    u said u are poor. maybe CF's are the way to supply the lumes u need with out the upfront cost or back end heat and energy bills.
  13. Cf's run hotter then hps lumen per lumin.
  14. compacts do get hot & don't gots the$ (do gots the 400's)

    got em in all rooms of the house. put out good light but LOTS of heat. much rather battle the 400's then buy more Cf's.

    do like the 40w floro 4' tubes. had a few semi-succesful grows before stumbling across my 175MH by a dumpster @ a rennovated hotel. probly still be using em if I'd got a comp sooner & found these wonderful grow sites. amazing what can be done w/ shop lights.

    Have Fun, Dirt

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