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    i got this lil OG clone 2 days ago.. it didn't have much roots formed.. i.e - they didnt show on the side and on the bottom.. so i put it under 1 T8 light and covered it for a day... a day passes i look and walla.. roots where showing..

    then what i did is plant it into foxfarm soil & put it under 5 CFL's & the T8 light....

    so i covered it & mist the cup.. so it can get some humidity as well..

    is this too much light for this baby?...
  2. theres never too much light. infact, u should probably move those cfl's closer or ur plant is going to stretch like a bitch. does that foxfarm soil contain any ferts?
  3. I went ahead and lowerd the CFL's to about 4 - 5 inches away... i got a fan blowing on it too

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  4. UPDATE!..

    2 days later.. the plant seems to be getting worse by color and some sort of mold or nute burn?

    [pic 1 is of the whole baby clone]

    [pic 2 bottom leaf... does it tend to do this when new leaf's are growing?]

    [pic 3 - building the lil yellow spot]

    [pic 4 - it also looks like its starting out in the tip]

    [pic 5 - has a spot as well in the middle of leaf]

    [pic 6.... it also looks like its growing on the baby leaf just growing]

    now remember i just planted this clone 2 days ago in FoxFarm Ocean Forest Soil mixed w/ Perlite...

    i also do have the 3 set liquid nutes soil set.. big bloom, tiger bloom & big grow... i didnt use any when i first wetered the baby after i put it in the soil.. just regular RO water PH tested @ 6.5 - 6.7

    i have it under 5 CFL's about 4 - 5 inches away and the temp goes from 78 - 84 @ certain hrs of the day.. i have 2 fans.. one blowing out and one towards the plant

    im sure as you can all see the leaf's have this mini yellow tint around the edges forming slowly & they have somewhat curled up tips.. since i first got it.
  5. No, leaves are NOT supposed to turn brown till flowering when the plant is focused on developing buds and/or the canopy at the top doesnt let enough light get to the lower leaves. Either is normal for older plants.

    Looking at how red the stem is and the yellow lower leaf, I would say you dont have enough NPK total. I'm like 98% sure.

    And, dont use big bloom/tiger bloom on a seedling, it's pointless.
    My advice: Use the GROW BIG, or just get some regular all-purpose plant food. Dont worry that your plant is small, use the full recommended dosage for at least the next 3-4 waterings, then go on from there.

    Go to the nutrient defficiency table and if that doesnt help, read this guide

    check this out too:

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