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  1. So i am on my first grow with a 4x4 and i currently have 2 of the hlg 260w xl quantum boards. One is 3000k one is 4000k. I am currently contemplating getting one more but of the new r spec ones for enhanced flowering and running all three at about 200 watts each. Is it better to run 2 at full blast for the penetration over 3 dimmed a little??
  2. I would run them all full blast. 600w, even if it is led, isn't going to be anything dangerous in that footprint.
  3. I am not an indoor cultivar but I can maybe shed some light. I just put up a good thread on light penetration of the canopy and how it works. Maybe check it out.
    To keep it basic.
    The manufacturer is trying to re-create the sun.
    Example. An autoflower indoor needs a ton of light maybe 16 hours.
    But will do fine outside with a quarter amount of that light.
    "Any" grow light is a far far reach from the sun. A Fail in comparison.
    That gives you a huge buffer zone.
    So long as the light is far enuff from your canopy and the correct type of lighting is used
    And your plants are "accustomed" from day 1 to intense lighting. Do not go from t5 to 1000 watt HPS you know.
    With those factors considered
    The more light the better!
    Skill = Quality
    Light = wieght
    With super super intense lighting you can introduce carbon dioxide supplement and really ramp up the show .
    Not your answer I know but it gives you pretense to make your own decisions.
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  4. You can get by with what you got, but if me, I'd add another
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  5. Go big it is. Just ordered the r spec. Gonna have all 3 in a 4x4 lol
  6. I ran 4 of the qb304 boards for a few years in my flower area. One 260 in 3500k and one in 3k. I did well but when the qb96 came out it was hard not to try 2 of them out. I decided I would just dim the other lights and put the qb96's in the middle.

    The temps in the garden are just as good if not better at the same light output. Running the boards dimmed and having too many boards allows you to get in the higher efficiency of output range of the leds. They run like 25% more efficient when dimmed. With leds the lower the current the higher the efficiency. Even the qb304's could hit 3.0umol's when dimmed to 500mA. Those were v1 diodes.

    When you run them dimmed and you have too many boards you can run a closer light distance as well to get the same intensity you used to and since you have the extra boards you don't sacrifice coverage. In fact you get better penetration.

    It costs more but having too many boards run dimmed it way better then running a just barely good enough setup maxed.
  7. As far as light levels though the optimal light level at the top of the plant for most efficient growing with leds doesn't change. It's between 900-1000ppfd in flower which is 55,000-66,000 lux depending on your led. That will get you the best gram per watt ratio. It's been scientifically studied. Papers are coming out.

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