Too much light?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Blitzkriegin, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Can too much light cause plants not to flower? I have a 1000 hps dimmed to 750watts in a 3.5x3.5x7' tent. Things look okay, but I'm 4 weeks into the flip from 12/12 and they are barely showing signs of flowering. Has anyone experienced too much light causing plants not to flower?

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  2. pics would help!
  3. I've never heard of too much light causing plants to not flower.
    Are these plants from seed, that are a few weeks old by chance?
  4. Are they showing preflowers?
  5. It would be very hard to give them two much light.

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!
  6. I have 1000W not dimmed in a 4x8 and my plants are falling over under the weight of their buds. Check for light leaks and check your runoff for PH imbalance causing nute lockout.
  7. Yeah they have preflowers and they are clones that vegged to 2' tall. Sorry, didn't give much info at the beginning just to see what immediate thoughts I would get. I didn't think too much light would be the problem, but everything else seems fine. I haven't checked the runoff but I ph the water, would nute lockout cause them to not flower? What other things can cause them not to flower

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  8. ............light leaks, cold, issues with bugs, nute lockout.  
    post a pic, it would help alot.

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