too much light

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  1. dont know if its even possible but can u have too much light?

    i have a 400HPS and my seedlings arnt all that close to it.
    they just seem they are getting too much or not enough of something. 24/7 and have yet to feed them...just did it tonight but there is something wrong.
    not too hot...not too dry...not too wet.
  2. how close is the light try puting it about 4 1/2 feet awayit might be to close for the little babys to tack do u have ventalatoin try leaving it on 18 hours a day so thay can have a brack and when u tern of the light spray thim with water dont do that when the light is on it will burn thim good growing and good luck
  3. im within 3 feet from the light

    its not too hot...not too dry...

    the soil was heavy in peat and sand...for the seedlings.
    im really thinking they are just starved...i will pull them down from the light to about 4 feet and cut the light back to 18/6.

    they are just very yellow...but i think its just food but if that is the case...they dont need intense light right now anyhow.
  4. cuting the light back will do it some good try giveing about 1 cup every other day and ya its really good to spray thim when the lights r of hope every thing works out for u
  5. didnt say they were wilting...just yellow...or chlorosis.
    and it wasnt a little problem...they slowly turned a very yellow color to where they went almost complete yellow...even the new leaves...these are only 3 weeks old from seed.

    but im glad to say that the little buggers are starting to get green back in.
    yep it was my soil...1/2 peat, 1/4 sand and 1/4 soil that had already been grown in and sat to bleach in the sun for a year.
    needless to say that that mix was good for seedlings LAST YEAR...but had nothing left to give this year.
    i foliar sprayed them and fert'ed the heck out of the soil for now. i dont wanna move them because they are so weak now but in about a week or two they will get moved to a larger pot of quality soil and some room to grow. I can already tell they are set back in development but i guess they be fine into the future.

    fyi these are the mango and snow white. first time with these.
    my mama plant died in a freak dog accident and ive had to start all over with seeds that i had to order...that will teach me to not make my own seeds!

    thanks for all the help
  6. the yellowing might be a nitrogen deficiency, don't hold me to this though, i don't have alot of experience growing, just quite a bit of listening. i know that in my biology class we did an experiment on tomato plants, depriving them of certain substances, the one without nitrogen turned yellow. if someone verifies this, i would say use some nitrogen rich organics (bat guano, or just piss a little in the water bucket, not much though, i think rabbit shit works well too, you won't need much).
  7. lol ud think i would have done that...but NOOOOO

    it was very idiotic on my part.

    it was good soil at one time...just used up...shoulda fed the innitial mix when i used it again.
    or just go out and spend 6$ for a bag o soil...jeeze that 6$ cost me at least 2 weeks.

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