Too Much Light?¿

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  1. Is there such thing as too much light on your plants?Just a thought...

  2. you can too much of anything: water, air, food, drugs, and even pot. (pot is not a drug, its a relaxant)

  3. Howdy. well i reccomend 18 hours light. some say 24. but books will say 18-24. I reccomend 18 because i think the plant needs some time to re-coop, and use its energy and such. so what im sayin is. i use 18 over 24 =)
  4. I mean wattage wise...

  5. simple answer; yes there is such a thing as "too much light/wattage"

    complexed answer; it's to late for explination! sleep i tell you!

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  6. Well I from what I have read, 25 watts per square foot is MINIMUM and 50 watts there is no turning back as far as optimum growth goes. I keep mine at about 33 watts and they love it. I think its kind of hard getting TOO much light. I think you will run out of space or ways to cool the room with that many lights. So it becomes a heat problem not a wattage problem. Hope I helped. [​IMG]
  7. I use HID lights. Just for that reason. There are no Floros that have high wattage. but HID light go as high as you need them too. 250, 400, 1000.
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  8. I just started using a 400W HPS bulb and my buds are doing great, but my leaves are all turning white.

    Is my plant too close to the light? The tope leaves are about 10 inches from the bulb. The plant is almost 20 inches high itself.
  9. The leaves turniing colors is usually a sign of either too much nutes in the medium or not enought. I could also be a PH problem. Check all of those and wait and see if it does any good. You might also want to move the light about 12 inches from the tops of the plants. How is your heat biuld up in the grow space? Anything above 85 is way to much. you want the temp about a constant 75 for optimal growth, this is perfect. Hope this helps.

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  10. OK, silly question, but what's a "nute"???

    I've raised the light again, but I don't have a gizmo to check the PH.

    Are there rules for when in the light cycle you should water and fertilize? I heard somewhere that I should not fertilize this late into flowering. Is that true?
  11. Okay go to a hydro shop and buy a liquid ph meter, they are like 5 bucks. Test the PH and also buy some ph up and down so you can ajust it. "Nutes" are nutrients, ya know the chemicals that your putting in the water. You want to put nutes in all they way till about a week before picking the flowers. Keep it in untill then, you need them. Make sure you have the flowering nutes in too because there are differant types. Good luck [​IMG]
  12. by the way I am a hydro grower. If your growing dirt you can buy soil ph meters probably at a hydro shop as well but if not just go to a store with a nice garden departement, they should have some. I think they also have ph up and down for soil as well. As for the nutes goes, you can use the same nutes in hydro water as well as soil. I use nutes always, they are essential. Flush nutes out of soil 1-2 weeks before harvesting. 3 days to a week in hydro.
  13. sorry, I'm a soil grower.... I guess I shoulda mentioned that, eh?

    Thanks for the info. I'll go get me a PH meter. For now I have 2 different fertilizers: Peter's 20-20-20 and 12-36-14.

    I was told to use the 1st when vegging, and the second when flowering, whaddya think about that?

    Can you give me some hints about how long the vegging time should be and how long the flowering time should be? I just started the current plant on 12/12 when I thought it was big enough (about 9 weeks). It has been on 12/12 for about 5 weeks, but just 2 weeks of that have been with the HPS bulb.

    I was thinking of trying ScrOG with my next batch of clones. I just can't figure out what horizontal training means.

    Thanks for all your help.
  14. Yeah go get those PH strips for soil. They are cheap from what I hear. Yeah those nutes you have are fine. Use ones for flowering and veg like you said until about 1-2 weeks before you harvest. Each plant is differant so its up to it when its done. You will know when all the hairs start to turn from white to red, purple, whatever. When they are 50%-80% turned (the hairs) pick em!
  15. As far as "too much light" goes you'll NEVER duplicate the suns light output so NO too much light is not the problem. Too much HEAT is the problem associated with the lights.

    As for how long veg period is: find out how much space you have vertically in your grow area. Figure that your plant will stretch double the size it is at the time you change its light cycle. Thats how you can guage how long you should keep your plants in veg. So if you have no restrictions, you could keep your plants in veg forever!

    Vertical training is just what it sounds like. If you dont have much vertical space you can "train" your plant to grow horizontally with screens (scrog) or with paper clips, string, mono-filament ect. tying the plant down gradually (LST) keeping its vertical growth down and forcing the plant to grow out bushy and wide...once you get good at that you can totally manipulate plants and get some really unique looking plants. I've seen some beauties! Good luck.
  16. Whoa, slow down here folks...

    Yes, there is such a thing as light burn or lumen burn.

    You are more likely to cause heat stress than light burn, though. To test if your light is too hot hold the back of your hand to if for 30 seconds at plant-top height, if it doesn't bother you then it doesn't bother the plants.

    What are your temps in the box? "Ideal" is about 74-78F with a 10-15 drop during the dark period.

    Those ferts sound fine, in that order.

    You can veg as long as you want, you develop more bud sites the longer you go. Flowering time is largely dictated by the plant's genetics, in the 8-9 week range for incida-dominant and 9-14 for sativa-dominant. You know when to harvest by examining the trichomes with a microscope or jeweler's loupe.

    You should have a pH meter anyway, but before you go fixing an unknown pH or nute problem know that the leaves are supposed to yellow toward the end of the flower cycle. The plant starts to draw down its internal store of nutrients as it reaches maturity, and in particular it draws nitrogen from the leaves.

    Post a pic, but basically if you are far along into flowering and this is happening a little bit then you are fine, but if you are earlier into flowering and/or all the leaves are losing color then you have a problem to fix. In your case it is hard to really say how far along into flowering you are since you did it for a few weeks with the wrong light, I'm not sure how that will affect the plants.

    Are the leaves turning yellow or white as you say?

    Have you flushed them? I would test your pH before flushing, just to know what it is, and then flush the soil.
  17. there is no such thing ,as too much light ! ...but there is such a thing ,as too intense light !

    when the lamps are too close ...the plant first shows a sign , by lowering its leaves abit
    & starts to bend , from side to side , to try & get away from the intense spectrum

    the leaves should always be totally horizontal ...or even better , just a bit above horizontal

    like this pic ....the leaves are nice & up ...folding just a bit trap as much light as possible if light is too intense , then they would be doing almost the total opposite

    but plants ,just like humans & animals that work ...get tired after awile they lower there leaves to conserve energy ....a cannabis plant sleeps at night

    the leaves on the top 2- 3 nodes hang down ...but about a couple of hours before the lights are suppose to come on ..or sunrise ...the plant wakes up ...the leaves slowly start to go up

    peace John

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  18. Agreed^^^^

    oh by the way...thanks Nirvana for the cheap great seeds! I've done Big Bud (huge!) Top44, WW, I also have Bubbalicious and Ice awaiting my return!

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