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too much help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anon58, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Had too many bongs too fast. I had like 1gram plus total. At first my eyes started to dart everywhere. Then the world started to spin. Horrible. Like everything was happening twice. Had trouble standing.. It was really bad for like 2 hours but now 10 hours later I'm still spinning just not as bad and want to sleep coz its night here. When will this go away?
  2. How would we possibly know that?
  3. You'll pass into a coma like state in 30 mins, from there on your body will slowly start to shut down. Don't do drugs.
  4. Just go to sleep...
  5. I have a very strong feeling it hasnt been '10 hours' - If it really has been 10 hours its something other than weed thats fucked you up.
  6. It has dude. Been checking the clock. Does anyone mean I'm fucked? Laced weed or something? The spinning went away for awhile but It's getting worse agin now
  7. #7 bradraz, Mar 16, 2012
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    R.I.P OP. It was nice knowing you.

    Just kidding, sounds like you pulled a whitey
  8. Sounds like you've had more help than you can handle.
  9. sleep man. number 1 rule if you think you're too high, go to sleep.
  10. Btw this is my first high ever :c
    Regret smoking so much.... So I really shouldn't be spinning after this long!? Finished smoking at 12 midday its now 1 in the morning....
  11. Shit you definetly should not still be spinning. I'm sure if you get sleep you will wake up ok.
    I think maybe whoever you were smoking with gave you far too much for your first time. Next time try and take a few puffs at a time of small amounts.
  12. OP is probably dehydrated.
  13. [quote name='"terpsnation"']OP is probably dehydrated.[/quote]

    Most reasonable (and realistic) post on this thread. :D
  14. hey dont say his weed is laced when its not. We all remember the days when we would smoke a bunch when we were new to it, then wake up still feelin out of it. He never went to sleep so maybe that's why his is stronger still. I wish I could get like that :(
  15. Sounds like your just really battered.
    Terpsnation is probably right aswel, stay calm so you dont start freaking out about dying or anything lol, it will not kill you.

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