too much heat!!!!!!! help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by johnnytoobad, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. I recieved the 4oo watt hps. Cant say that i notice a big change in growth rate, and that dissapoints me. whatever the case is. Heat ia a problem now that spring is here. my grow area is small and hot the plants are wilting in there. fans fans fans. ok got that. is there a mini air conditioner or something i can use because i cant really afford to open the coffin of light every day. i propped the ceiling of the closet with two 400 page books. so theres a 6 inch gap open to like the frame of the building got me? Im seriously thinkin bustin a hole ya know. ill be here for a year yet. plus a lil spackle aint shit. but the mini air conditioner or something as such maybe ice packs that one uses to sooth sore muscles. i want eveyones ideas. and where i could find such a thing?
  2. :) give it a couple a days and def get the heat thing sorted. how much space are we working with here? and where do you have your box to where prying eyes would be drawn to the street lamp light blazing out of your window? is it not possible to cover any windows or openings from outside? unless youre willing to bust the hole and have passive and non passive airflow going on, it may be something that you may have to do. im still playing around what i want to do with my incredibly small grow space. did you just put everything in there and turn it on without getting your temp situation sorted and finally how hot are we talking?

    fron the sounds of it u have attic access in your closet.. just get the hole sealed around this thing and point it blowing up into the attic.. pure air intake through the base of the door and whatnot is more than enough to keep the hot air at the top out and cool air in the bottom.....

    thanks to i believe it was "Grow_Trees" that gave me that blower link :D

    yup not fans fans fans, but just one fan that can actually MOVE the air :) hope that helps :D
  4. i went to the attic i need to be a carpenter to go from the attic to closet so i went from closet to attic pretty much.
    put a good sized hole at the top of the closet and got a 12' fan blowinginto the hole for my outake. ill get another fan here soon and should be allright.
    the attic though damn i want to make it a grow room for real. its big airy light tight. itd be perfect its just im in an apt. i suppose though the other apt the people are coc heads and like their weed the landlord smokes as welltheyd probrally tell me to stop that or take all my stuff not worthed yet ill get a house in the country.
    thanks for the advice i sure hope it works. im gettin very curious about lowryder sounds too easy and good
  5. it wasnt me who gave u that link but for johnnytoobad i always though about putting a fridge or freezer (mini) in my growroom and leaving the door open, maybe modifying it so it didnt get to cold, somethin like that

  6. modefying it?? u mean like turning down the tempature knob that comes on all friges ?? :D
  7. running a fridge would take up a lot of energy.
  8. yeah man thats a rockin idea i never would have thought of that my pops has got one he dont use anymore. ill have to hook up that and then i dont need to get extra fans. because i just want this to be cheap. im gonna add a cheezy pic of my area.

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  9. ever felt how much heat comes from the back of a fridge?
    good place to germ seeds.

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