Too much hate

Discussion in 'General' started by 4kush20, May 6, 2011.

  1. With all this Bin laden stuff going on I wonder what the state of America will be specifically in public transit. Now they have found information about al Quade planning To tamper with railroads to make trains fall in the water and set up obstacles on the tracks. They were even thinking about doing stuff on Christmas, July 4th, 9/11/11. Now with all the scare of retaliation going on people nervous and on edge which probably means there will be an increase of racial profiling and soon I bet people will be walking around with weapons ready to fight back. I understand each and everyone of has our own views but why can't everyone just get along and do you and quit trying to prove dominace and stop killing eachother.

    I also got a question that is weed related, I know that it is not
    Good to be open about smoking weed but if I am not
    Open about it how can I find a realibe source?
  2. move to cali. and/or grow
  3. and yea dude. to much fucking violence. .. =/
    depressing stuff, really.
  4. welllll..good thing i dont ride trains and shit:D

    good luck with that many of them fucks tryin to come up in here and run our shit,we'll rape them silly
  5. You have to become a people watcher. Pay attention to things people wear and say. True stoners are usually pretty easy to spot. We have a way about us that lets others know we're 420 friendly without having to say too much about it. :smoke:
  6. Just get high man. don't worry bought dis shet.

  7. Agreed, nothing you can do personally. Al'Qaeda is full of a bunch of haters.

    And haters gonna hate dawg.
  8. Try going to some concerts or spots that you know people smoke at and ask them if they're trying to sell some bud or know anybody. as long as you don't come off as a fed or someone sketchy then they will probably have no problem hooking you up. I've done it to tons of people.
  9. Sorry, but most of the rational, free thinking world realizes that the USA has been subverting middle eastern Governments for 55+ years now. Maybe they got sick of it and some people are fighting back.

    Every time the US military kills an innocent civilian or soldier that was just trying to defend themself from a disgusting, unjustified invasion you give more and more power to Al-Qaeda, and by extension the US Government.

    Pull your head out of your ass.

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