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  1. although I have eaten pretty healthy all my life (I'm 62) I have changed my diet quite a bit in the last year thanks to reading Dr Joel Furman's books and have dropped dairy and all meat as much as possible. I eat a very diverse diet but my most staple food is beans. I love all kinds of beans prepared in any way but man oh man do I have gas.
    I have read that after adopting a vegetarian diet, the body will get more efficient at digestion and the gas issue will resolve itself. It's been about a year for me and if anything I think the gas situation has ramped up.
    Anyone else having this issue? Is there anything I can do about it? I know there are products (medicines) out there for this issue but I am on no medication whatsoever (other than cannabis) and do not like the idea of taking anything big pharma produces.

    I don't have a problem farting my way through the day but my wife might disagree with that!
  2. Well, probiotics would help -- but seeing you've cut out dairy that won't work. Lactobacillus and such are dairy derived.

    I would recommend activated charcoal supplements. They work wonders with intestinal gas and are relatively gentle.
  3. Instead of taking a probiotics pill, what about taking a spoonful of sauerkraut daily. Any thoughts on that? I have read that fermented foods, such as sauerkraut or kimchee are very high in probiotics. so much that a single spoonfull contains way more probiotics than an entire bottle of the supplements.
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  4. You could try that, although I don’t think it will have nearly as many probiotics as a supplement. They vary in potency, but the probiotic I take myself is 40 billion IU per 2 capsules, which is immense.

    I didn’t think to mention fermented foods as most people would be in horror at a spoon of sauerkraut daily haha

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  5. thanks for the heads up on the charcoal supplement - I just ordered a bottle

    I wasn't aware that probiotics would help relieve gas... usually sauerkraut or cabbage of any sort gives me worse gas. and bad smelling as well
  6. Eat more lentils like lima beans and less like kidney beans. Butternut squash should complement any beans you like.
  7. the worse for me seems to be garbanzos. whether I eat them whole or make hummus doesn't really matter
  8. Sauerkraut is supposed to help. Just make sure you get a quality one - usually they're in the refrigerator section in a glass jar. You can also make sauerkraut yourself which is even tastier
  9. I've only been on the activated charcoal pills for a couple days now but so far the results have been quite startling. I have passed very little gas in the last couple days (and I haven't cut down on the beans) - taking just one capsule daily
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