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Too much eyedrops bad?

Discussion in 'General' started by phiktion, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. I smoke weed everyday and pretty much need to use eye drops almost everyday twice a day because i still live with my Mom and she is against smoking/scared of her son to do it. Is using it everyday bad for your eyes over time? ...will my eyes turn green?
  2. only if you are smoking some bomb ass bud. But eye drops are like lotion but only for your eyes. so i doubt its that bad
  3. it shouldnt be a problem, unless you can build a tolerance of eye drops? never heard of anyone overdosing on eyedrops or anything, people put a whole bottle in drinks to people they dont like because its a natural laxative so im gonna say no and stop rambling right about now
  4. Actually I have heard that on this forum repeated use over a long period of time may not be the best for your precious eyes. The reason your eyes turn red is because the blood vessels in your eyes are expanding. When you put the Clear Eye drops in, it doesn't lubricate your eyes but constrict the blood vessels. So I don't know I am just throwing an objective opinion in there.
  5. Idk about long term, but if you use it over 4 times in one day your eyes will get too watery and they will go into over -red.... REALLY RED
  6. yeah you might want to look into what the active ingrediant is in your eye drops. The active ingredint in Clear Eyes is different than in Visine. even between the Clear Eyes brand there are different active ingrediants for red eye relief with their different kinds forms of eye drops. I'm not an optometrist so I can't tell you how each of them affect your eyes so research a little bit if you're concerned. However my best friend's eyes got quite dependent on eye drops even before he smoked pot. He used the lubricating/feel-good eye drops and his eyes eventualy stopped lubricating on their own so if you're using eye drops use only redness relief, not the combo eye drops, if you're using any more than two to three times a day. Hope this helps, good luck :)
  7. I think people can get addicted to eye drops. i have never used eye drops and the first few times my eyes were red but since then they only rarely get red. But my friends who use eye drops alot have red eyes everytime they smoke which is probably why they use eye drops, shit. Im not even high and I cant make sense.
  8. hmm, i'm not sure if they are bad for you but i wear contacts, and even before i started smoking bud, i used Visine (for contacts) at least 5 times a day for 4 years. i haven't noticed any side effects from it although i still use it that many times a day because my contacts always dry up in my eyes. it's like my eyes are getting use to the visine lubricating my eyes so they don't lubricate themselves any more. it's weird. but anyhow, i wouldn't say that using them 2 times a day would do any harm long term. but i haven't done enough research to give you a for sure answer, but anything is bad for you if you don't use it in moderation.
  9. If you use eyedrops a lot your eyes will become dependant on it to properly moistion your eyes which eyedrops are initially suppose to do. And like jokertoker said visine constricts your eyes blood vessels. And not to scare you but a bunch of brands like Renu have recalled their eyecare products because of a bacteria was found in them that can make you go blind. I also use the visine (contact relief) but only when my contacts become dry, which doesn't happen too much.
  10. I never get red eyes. If I am really paranoid I will use some, but my eyes are white as a baby's behind.
  11. One of my girlfriends is an optometrist. She always gives me shit when I use visine red. She says that it works by constricting the blood vessels in your eyes. Over-use can cause vessels to rupture, causing a permanent red eye, it can also cause fairly severe eye problems later on in life. She told me that optometrists all over are trying to get the stuff banned. Im sure the occasional use is fine, but if you are putting in 10+ drops a day I would be more than a little concerned.

    Straight outta wikipedia.com

    "Reducing the blood supply to the eye can prevent, or at least prolong, the healing cycle. Thus, the use of Visine® and other similar products is not helpful in healing the eyes."

    "Use will create a rebound after a couple of hours and make the eye look even redder. Prolonged use can permanently dilate blood vessels, so use should be limited to 1 or 2 times."
  12. I use opcon A, which is developed for people with allergies (like me with cats, so it has multiple uses). Im currently out but next time i pick up a bottle ill look at the active ingredients.
  13. I don't use eyedrops because they make my eyes look worse, and over using anything is bad for you
  14. I rarely ever use eye drops. Mainly because they're a hassle to mess with. I keep a bottle of rhoto around and it lasts me a looong time. I just use them for emergency situations.

    I only ever put drops in if I know for a fact I'll be around someone who I really don't want to know I'm high.
    Like, if I have to take a friend to the hospital, I might put some in. If I'm just going out for the night or whatever, I rarely will even take the time to get my eyes super red and watery for a minute. which is another problem.

    It seems like the only time I'd need the drops is when I need my eyes to be spotless in SECONDS. Well, most drops, especially rhotos, make your eyes TERRIBLE for a spell. So right about the time the officer is approaching my window, my rhotos have me crying. but fake watery eyes crying.

    They make my eyes feel like shit too. My best friend loves the feel though, so idk.

    how did i write so much about eye drops?
  15. so pretty much man, keep it in moderation(10 drops or less) and you will be fine.
  16. I think it's only Clear Eyes/Visine that constrict the blood vessels. I don't think Opcon A or Rhoto V will hurt your eyes over the long run. Hey Element, ask your lady friend if there is a difference, because I think there is.
  17. so rhoto v is okay then?

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