Too much CO2???

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    What effect does using too much CO2 have on a plant?

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  2. it dies.
  3. 1200ppm is the saturation point for cannabis. Too much co2 will REDUCE stomata openings, thus slowing growth. If you gas them way too high then they will go into shock and get stunted. They wouldn't just outright die but they would look very sick. The only troublesome appearance a plant can give off is basically leaf discoloration and or curl. I would assume that high co2 could do the same thing. You would have to give plants a prolonged exposure to very high levels to actually kill them. Here is a good post on high co2 levels in cannabis.
  4. I have come across many who Don't  believe in over saturation of Co2 however I DO believe 1500ppm can be too much.  I had my room set to 1500 and after four days my plants all looked sick and stoppedgrowing as nice as before. It did not kill them but many of the sun leaves(20-30%) did die and by die I mean literally turn yellow and fall off or they would fall off if even hardly touched. It was crazy and I had never seen anything like it. I turned the Co@ off that I had just spent hundreds of dolalrs on and they finished just fine. I am now waiting on a more accurate controller to re introduce co2. Thanks for the read bizie!

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