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Too much bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by slipkittie, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. When using a makeshift 600ml bottle bong, is it true that the more bong-water you use, the less high you get? I've been told this by a few people but THC isn't water-soluble so I don't see how this would work.
  2. not sure. it might be the same kind of camp that believes that the harsher the toke, the higher they get (which is BS)
  3. Bong water should be filled so that it is just over any holes in your downstem, if the bong is standing up. Because when you smoke it is not vertical it is slanted and = the perfect amount of water.
  4. THC is not water soluble. Miniscule amounts of THC will be lost when filtering through water because it will stick to particulate matter that gets trapped in the water. It is too small of a loss to notice.

    You won't really lose less or more THC depending on how much water you use, but you can effect how smooth the hit will be and how nice it will taste by varying the amount of water, and the water's temperature.
  5. Thanks Floydian, that's exactly what I needed to know. +repped
  6. Spot on.

    More water will make the hit slightly harder too pull. Too little will make it easier to pull but will not be as effective in cooling the smoke, so will result in a harsher hit.

    Generally, I would fill just above where the down stem meets the bong unless you are smoking vertically, in which case you might need a little more.
  7. thanks Synikalle. your post with Floydian's has told me everything I needed to know. +repped
  8. Glad I could be of assistance :D

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