Too much aggression on GC - smoke a bowl and chill.

Discussion in 'General' started by mjmama25, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. It surprises me how uptight a lot of the people on grass city are. I would think that follow smokers and growers would be more laid back. I think everyone needs to smoke a bowl and relax.

    ps - This is in no way dissing GC. There are some way cool people here too.
  2. yea i feel ya.

    but theres nothing we can do as the younger generation seems to all be douchebags.

    as the internet+anonymity+a crowd= a total fuck wad.
  3. I like how people assume stoners are all laid back and chill, I can be an angry ass motherfucker and smoke weed

    so fuck
  4. Too much aggression on GC?

    You think so?

    I don't think so.

    Yeah a bit here and there and every now and then,

    But I don't think there's too much aggression on GC.
  5. I can be both
    So there
  6. I know what you mean man...

    general life advice, i think.
  7. ^thats true, but can you be really fucking angry while you are blazed out of your mind? I can't... Well I guess thats not totally true, but its really hard to be angry and stoned.

    Yeah though OP, I hear ya. I've been noticing a lot of grouchy blades on here lately too... oh well like pigpen said, its the internet.
  8. Take away the reputation system and you'll no longer see that stuff!

  9. but why come here and bring anger and hostility.

    i feel ya, i can be high and get INCREDIBLY mad.

    but i dont come online and start just being dick to everyone that posts online.

    i just work out and go for a run.
  10. We all have our moments
  11. fuck that. fuck you. fuck your mom. fuck gc. fuckin, FUCK

    nah but for real, it seems like it comes and goes in spurts sometimes :p
  12. I have a theory that all the moody mofos are the dry ones
  13. GC isn't half as bad as some other forums.
    The tension in certain forums are so thick, you could cut it with a knife.
  14. Yeah, I've been foruming since I was 12 years old. This forum is by far the most laid back forum on the internet. Sometimes I feel bored because of it though.
  15. That is an interesting statement... take away the reputation system... and there'll be no aggression?

    How does that work?

    Now this is a theory I can definitely agree with.

  16. very very very true
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    Hahaha so true!!
  18. Reputation/like tend to be gifted to another person for the wrong reasons.

    Have you ever seen a thread where the title is a tad bit misleading so the first poster makes sure to call it out with a witty reply? It usually ruins the thread but gains the poster likes/thanks. It's honestly very noticeable on forums with the "like/thanks" option, you even see it happening on Facebook.

    When reputation and greenbars are available, posters stop acting like themselves and post behind a persona thats more likely to grow their e-penis.

    in my opinion that is!
  19. You look really familiar if that's you in the pic.
  20. Yeah, I know I'm guilty sometimes too. It just seems like I've been drawn into more disagreements on here than other forums, or in real life. It probably is the anonymity we have here. People restrain themselves all the time, then get on here and let loose, maybe even being more rude than they normally would be.

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