Too Many Sugar Leaves!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by yungaura, May 28, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone!

    First I want to say this is my second grow & my first time posting on here but I’m always using grass city for information. My problem is I can’t seem to find anything about this!

    So my buds are not very large & also have a plethora of sugar leaves to the point where they look like powdery octopus rather than good buds. It’s been driving me crazy & now it’s happening for the second time.

    The leaves aren’t shaped extra round it doesn’t seem to have gone back into vegetation or anything like that but there’s so many u can barely see the bud.

    I’m been trying to figure out if this is a deficiency or something but I can’t find anything on it online, so I’m hoping someone’s familiar with this & can offer some words of advice.

    If pictures would help I can provide those too.

  2. Pictures in a natural light say thousands of things one cannot put into words.
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  3. Yup. Need pics
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  4. W/O photos, assuming otherwise healthy plant, too much N not nearly enough P-K. If very stretched as well, too little light.
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  5. Most likely this. Or just the genetics.

    My new grow
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  6. Don't wanna kill the horse....but pics are the only justice here.
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  7. Ehhh I know your problem here, yeah I nailed it.

    Your problem is you need to post pictures.
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  8. sorry i’m late guys
    i appreciate all the responses
    here are a couple of pictures, you might have to wait until tomorrow for natural light
    looking forward to hearing the results

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  9. I’m thinking you guys might be right about the genetics, but it still seems pretty extreme to be just genetics. My previous grow i used an assortment of different seeds & ended up with less sugar leaves overall but the crop still leaned toward being real leafy. If I could figured out a way to minimize this I’ll be happier than a than a butchers dog
  10. Also I’ve been using blooming nutrient but I eased back because they were starting to get burnt, but maybe I’m not being careful enough like u said & adding excessive nitrogen, one of them is a pretty deep green when I think about it.
    At one point I thought it was ph but my tap water is ph’d already to 7 which i would say is okay
  11. Not enough light.
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  12. Wow....that IS pretty crazy....can't say I've ran across anything like that before....but I AM SURE someone on here has. Moving the light closer might result in it growing a little more dense with a little more girth....but with those sugars jetting out like that.....i too would guess genetics. I would like to see a pic at harvest time!
  13. fingers crossed
    & I appreciate the tip I think your definitely right in how they could use more light, I’ll try giving them more, but I didn’t top them so i’m currently dealing with that mistake as well

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