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  1. First off I wud like to say hello to the city. I was a member about 8 years ago... time flys now I'm back... still blazin daily:smoking:

    Anyhow I've been planning a grow for about 8 years lol and being the perfectionist I am plus being the broker for all my friends that grow (and other endeavors that kept me paranoid 24/7) have prevented me from starting the grow.

    Well I'm moving far away for a decent job and new life and now is the time.:D I'm not askin any of my grow buddies for advice... the most I will ask them for is some good clones w/o mentioning they're for me because this grow will be a complete secret between me... and now the city.:)

    Money is NOT much of an issue. Efficiency/quality IS an issue. I'm obsessive about perfection so no challenge is too great. I'm also in NO hurry.

    My plan is to start small and multiply over time as I master the concepts of growing. I may start with one 600 watt HPS/MH conversion light with carbon filtered exhaust in a 4x4 partition of a larger area.

    The state I'm moving to has a law that UNDER 5 plants is a misdemeanor offense so my first thought was grow 4. I was originally thinking 5 gal DWC buckets for each plant and possibly scrog to stretch canopy and increase yield.

    :confused:Q1 - At this point I HAVE NOT seen A LOT of support for DWC or hydro in general on the city. I know that some of my friends used ebb and flow, DWC, etc. and got great results so what do YOU recommend??? Take into consideration that I will use whatever system I have to the fullest capacity no matter how much research and time it takes. I firmly believe in doing it right (or at least 75% right) the 1st time.

    :confused:Q2 - Since I will be expanding over time the 4 plant rule wont really matter so... am I better off doing 4 in a 4x4 space or doing more smaller plants - in terms of yield and efficiency.

    The main goal is to NOT buy anything that I wont be able to keep for later expansion and to create a system that can be multiplied atleast 4 times.

    I apologize for the novel just bare with me. If you read the whole thing then :hello: for you.

  2. Bizump... Again, sorry bout the long post I'm mostly lookin for answers to the 2 questions.
  3. Well hydro will give you the bigger yeild for sure, but some say doin the organic soil deal will gives you taste. I haven't grown in a hydro system though, only soil. I have a clone bucket that's hydro, and that thing is badass. Everything is cleaner in my opinion if you just use water and nutes vs having to use soil. For yield increasing, look up LST ( Low Stress Training), SoG (Sea of Green), and Scrog ( Screen of Green) methods. Different ways, I hope this helps man.
  4. Would I get similar yield from 4 large plants scrog as 9-16 small plants sog. Each is a square number therefor providing a perfect square for growing. I'm not really concerned about a few extra weeks of veg btw. Should I train less plants or put my trust in more (and smaller) plants.

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