Too Many Flowers

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  1. This is plant is the only surviving plant out of 5 originals. We had to kill the others because they were producing pollen sacs. I may have let this plant grow get a little out of hand. I'm on the 21st day of flowering, and I'm seeing a bunch of flowers everywhere on the plant. I'm about 6'5" in the reference photo if that gives you any idea on the plant size. I really don't have any questions, just posting for any comments or recommendations.


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  2. Oh sweet plant brah!!!! And welcome to GC!!:D:wave:
  3. Big plant, cool.

    What strain is that ?
  4. It was just some bag seed, out of some really great buds.;)
  5. There is nothing at all wrong with that, she sure would make a good mother :)

    Keep us posted.

  6. self-esteem bump
  7. damn huge plant lol she'll give a lot

  8. Crazy can you be more pacsific only because i planted a seed from some bag seed. But when i say bag seed i mean shwag, not dro. So when you say bag seed do you mean from regular shwag or from some droski ????? THANKS
  9. It wasn't any "low-grade" by any means, but it wasn't really a special strain. Just some really good pop that was goin around at the time.
  10. in the future with some uber elite technology we cant even dream up at this point your kids are going to find that first photo and get a good laugh.

    hats off to yaaa, what kinda lights are you using ?
  11. Haha, if that day comes!! I'm using 500w HCL and 120w grow light from Home Depot. This girl hasn't seen a day of soil in her life, she was always the strongest of the litter.
  12. "Too many flowers".........thats a good one lol.

  13. too much money
  14. A+ job. Just make sure you get light to the whole plant. Its a bigg'in.
  15. Thanks for the compliments guys. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.
  16. Lovely plant. I would just love to have something a decent size that yielded me a few ounces. Good luck!
  17. Couple new pics :hello:

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  18. Looks pretty sativa to me. Your in for a nice 10+ weeks of flower I'd guess. You said you had a 500 watt HCL, what's a HCL?

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