Too many fan leaves ??

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  1. i have three plants going and they are a month into flowering. I am on the high end of phosphorus for my feeding and these plants still have all their leaves with no yellowing or loss of the bottom leaves. I also have huge fan leaves all over these things

    Is it OK to cut back some of the huge sunleaves on these plants to provide more light to the buds? Or can this cause some stress to the babies?
    These things are the healthiest plants I have ever grown. Fan leaves are 6-8 inches long 8-9 inches across. Buds are already 1-2 inches wide and 2-3 inches tall

    grow space is 4 foot wide 32inches deep 7 feet tall

    Any suggestions :confused::confused:
  2. I wouldn't cut. Those big fan leaves is how the plant absorbs the light you give it in order for it to grow. Try LST or adding some lower lights to your setup in order to get more light down below.

  3. What is LST :confused:
  4. LST = Low Stress Training. Basically your gently bending the plant to allow more light to reach the majority of the plant. Thus, allowing more and bigger buds to grow throughout the entire plant versus one big main cola.

    Best just looking it up on YouTube and they'll have tutorials and videos of how to do it.
  5. you can remove them with no problems at all - I grow the L.A. Confidential and DNA Genetics even says to remove large fan leaves during late flower to allow light to penetrate

    I have seen a friend remove almost every single leave that wasnt a short steam and he had no problems

    if you are growing an Indica, a 100% indica like the la con then the is what you have to do

    LST'ing works great I have to do this to maximize yields with the la con and I still have to remove some leaves late in flower

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