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too many edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by debbiechronicle86, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. #1 debbiechronicle86, Jul 30, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
    Guys please help me. (and please spare the judgement)

    I ate 1/4 tray of edibles yesterday with about 1 gram of weed and I feel very nauseous. I feel very close of vomiting today (but I feel little better than yesterday, very trippy). This was my first time and I'll admit I didn't do my research. I just really don't want to throw up for 3 hours of something because I absolutely hate throwing up.

    1) What can I do to NOT vomit all over the place
    2) How long will this trippy nauseous feeling last for.

    I've fought off flat out vomiting for this long I can go a little longer, but will I end up uncontrollably throwing up?
  2. Smoke some weed it will stop you feeling sick lol
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  3. @debbiechronicle86
    Your likely past the worst of it. Edibles reach their peak at about the 3 hour mark and the trip can last about 6 hours on average. If you didn't get the spins and puke then you not likely to now.
    I do edibles only and I do them every day for my medical issue and I routinely push that envelope between the spins and relief for my issue.
    Still beats the Big Pharma meds my Doctor offers as they have some terrible side effects and I flat out can't deal with the effects at all.
    Next time take it slower and wait 2 hours between additional doses so you don't go to far over your comfort zone.
    Depending on how the edible was made if they left the weed material in the product you might have some discomfort from the plant material but that's a bit rare. Most people are not bothered by the residual weed bits in the edible if it's powdered fine enough.
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  4. omg thank you so much for saying that. It's a big relief to know i'm past the worst of it. I have a horrible fear of vomiting
  5. @debbiechronicle86
    LOL I don't think any of us enjoy that much at all except in some very select group that do a drug that instantly causes you to vomit. But we can't mention it by name here or the moderators will scold me.
    If you continue to be in discomfort the usual list of soft food items might be of some help. Bland food items like hard boiled eggs and toast. Milk, Pepto Dismal but even I don't use that one except in extreme emergency.
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  6. wow milk? heard that was a nono. But if it honestly helps I'll try anything. how long will this nauseous feeling last though?

  7. Milk neutralizes stomach acid that makes you be sick..
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  8. damn, that's great. i didn't know that thanks
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  9. Yeah it helps a lot either milk/milkshakes anything thats milk based really lol
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  10. :(
  11. do people ever green out without throwing up (but still feel nausea)?
  12. @debbiechronicle86
    To much cannabis is very much like to much alcohol with the same Disorientation, Dizziness and finally Vomiting usually brought about by the dreaded spins.
    That is the primary cause for an uneasy stomach and that happens in the first few hours.
    Secondary is the plant material itself. If it's not ground fine enough the slight hooks on the leaves can irritate.
    Third up the plant material can be the source too but that is way down the list of possible causes if you turn out to be sensitive to the plant
  13. i made the cannabutter myself (strained it and all), it's been 2 days and i still haven't vomited lol, (came pretty close when I typed thee initial post) but idk. Took a dramamine to relax this queasy feeling.

    I guess it is kinda like too much alcohol (but alcohol hits me for like 10 minutes then I feel ok, and I can feel it coming. This is like the weird effects on super slo mo.
  14. @debbiechronicle86
    Cannabis-Oil is one of the longest lasting preparation you can make with the weed that's why it can be so scary if you take to much as it takes for bloody ever to fully dissipate depending on how hard it hits your particular metabolism.
    My better half (Wife) won't get near my hash-coconut oil as it just slams the hell out of her and leaves her feeling it for about 48 hours. I do a full decarb and run plenty of lecithin and the effects lasts and lasts.
    For her and other (Normal) folks I skip the decarb and the lecithin and use 3x the oil as I do for my personal meds just to tone it down somewhat.
    I still only start them on a drop or 2 at a time as this stuff hits like a brick wall falling on you if your unprepared.
    A couple of my wife's former coworkers have major issues now and I've given RSO (rick simpson oil) to several to ease the treatments their under. Was a steep learning curve for the first couple as we has no real way of telling how much they could handle except empirical style. Take some and tell me if it's to strong or to weak. ?
    LOL it was always way to strong at first but soon enough I'd have to dial up the strength for them to be at the same comfort point.
    Do make more edibles just keep close track of amount of weed used and oil so you get duplicable results from each batch and know what to expect from a given sized serving.
    A 1x1 inch brownie will get me this stoned.
    Something else to keep in mind is to short dose the edible to where you can just feel it. Then smoke the rest of the way to your happy spot.
    Smoking lasts about 45 min so it'll kick the edible in the ass for just that long. Makes it a nice way to regulate an edible high.
    I made the mistake on the 4th of July of smoking about half of one of the party doobies I'd taken to the BBQ we'd been invited to. On top of my usual oil baseline I was Blasted off my Ass for about 45 minutes until the tokes wore off and I came out of the fog and looked around and decided it was time for a plate of food. LMAO Man I was flying hard for a while that I don't usually do now.
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  15. In my patho class, which was before they invented many of the stomach pills we have now, we were taught that the protein in milk actually increases stomach acid. Drinking milk for ulcers went out in the 70s.
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  16. I've never heard of RSO! But I'll let you know how it is, thanks! And yeah I'm learning more and more how strong it is. I'll be honest, idk if I'll bake (or consume) again, but I'll definitely smoke.

    aww damn 4th of July seems like the perfect time! lol imagine: edible grilled foods

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