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Too many coincidences when baked

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jetlife92, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Everytime I think of something baked, it usually ends up happening.

    E.g I was watching keeping up with kardashians like 2 days ago and kanye west was on this. I thought to myself "he's gonna get her pregnant soon" couple hours later I find out she's pregnant with kanyes baby and it literally only hit the news a couple hours after I thought it.

    Etc I have more examples too
  2. Can I get some more examples? I'm starting to think you might be slightly psychic.
  3. Yeah, like me and my mate where walking to our nearest supermarket, we were talking about how baked we were and how we could probably trip and fall at any minute cause we couldn't walk properly. As soon as we are outside the supermarket, some dude in a suit and a brand new mountain bike riding his bike going at an extremely slow pace on the road. No cars are around, and the dudes got so much space to ride, in a straight line. Out of nowhere, right on front of us, he literally does a 180 front flip on the bike and landed on his face right in front us. Being baked we couldn't stop laughing for about 1 hr
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    Same shit happens to me, haha. Just last night we ate a ton of edibles, ripped my new bong and smoked 2 blunts. It was about 4ish-5ish in the morning. I was sitting next to my friend, and for some reason without even thinking what I was saying I said "Is somebody calling you?" Literally 3 seconds after I said that when he said "no", his phone started ringing.

    That's just the most recent example. I never realized it until last night when my friend was like "Holy shit, how'd you know it was going to ring?" haha.

    EDIT: Not sure if this is related at all, but sometimes when I sleep and dream, I'll see the future. No joke. I don't realize it at first, but when I'm somewhere or something happens, I remember the dream it was from immediately and know everything that's going to happen for about the next 5 minutes. It's crazy shit, and it doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it's scary but cool at the same time.
  5. Yeah i was with one of my older girlfriends i was taking her to her make up studio and we were lost . We made a huge circle and laughed it off but continued to follow my phone directions , it sent us in the same circle again well she got mad this time and said just follow my phone so i thought "wow imagine we hit the same spot" sure enough she sent me to the same fucking circle . We laughed for like a full 30 mins which felt more like hrs but yah
  6. Um yeah that's too awesome tho the moments it happens you realize there's something so much bigger we just arnt grasping yet

  7. It's the weed man haha,

    This morning I decided to wake 'n' bake. Intially I was gonna go downstairs while my mum and her brother were sleeping upstairs. I was just gonna open my garden door and do it there. I said f it and went to my garage. As soon as finished and I got in...who do I see? My mum. And I wouldn't of heard her coming if I stayed by the door cause I always wake and bake with my headphones.
  8. Too much real life in this thread lool
  9. When I'm stoned I go for my phone out of nowhere and once I grab it i get a text or notification

    "I thought hurricane season was over"

    Pineapple Express
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    Reminds me of when I was in Mexico and pointed out an American Airlines passenger plane on the ground and told my brother, "that plane looks like its gonna crash" when he replied "how does it look like that?" I only replied "I just have a feeling.."

    A week later once we were back at home, we turn on the news to find out an American airlines passenger plane made an emergency landing in the Hudson River.

    Looked to be the exact same model and colour.

    My brother flipped shit.
  11. This happens to me too. I was watching that Jets game where Sanchez had the butt-fumble and on the ensuing kickoff I told my brother they would fumble and give up a TD. It happened.

    Then this past Sunday I was watching another Jets game and they were about to return a kickoff and I was like "Imagine if they fumbled twice." And the guy fumbled the ball twice!

    It's probably more that the Jets suck than I'm psychic, but weird nonetheless.
  12. manggg I remember when I first started smokin pot I went through this... now its normal and I've come to terms with it. Sometimes people catch when it happens, "Dude how did you know?" "I unnno mane... I just knew. Take another hit"
  13. Everything's interconnected man. You're tapping into the combined subconscious of the universe. :smoking:
  14. Agreed

    "I thought hurricane season was over"

    Pineapple Express
  15. here's another one

    this has happend a couple times

    i'm on the bus to my uni campus, we hit a traffic light, i pay no attention 'cause i'm listening to my music. I can always somehow predict when the cars in my lane will move or when it goes from red to amber

    it's freaky lol
  16. I could feel when we entered 2013. We were ripped and I was just like. "I think we just went around the sun once." Then I looked at my phone. 12:00 ON THE DOT. 2013. I could feel it change over. It's hard to explain.
  17. The sleeping thing happens to me too.
  18. They call it Deja Vu I believe.. that awkward moment when you realize the moment you're in

  19. Same here, only happend once or twice so far but cool as fuck non the less
  20. Once I got stoned, and predicted that I'd get more stoned. AND THEN I GOT MORE STONED. HOLY SHIT. :smoke:

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