too many brain cells gone?

Discussion in 'General' started by yacedecay, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. anyone have problems with about passing out or completely passing out on every hit you take?
    i collapse to much
  2. Sounds like yoou need to quit if it affects you that much. I have never had that problem myself!
  3. Do you pass out because you cough? I know people who will do that occasionally but I've never heard about anyone doing it from just taking a hit.
  4. yea man you are messed up if you pass out from every hit
  5. sounds like you might not be getting enough oxygen to the brain - i.e. too much smoke and not enough actual air in your lungs.

    does it happen alot during/after a coughing session?

    either way sounds like a good warning to lay off and rest a bit, maybe not smoke for a day or so.
  6. I've only collapsed on helium.
  7. Sounds like majorly low blood pressure. What ever you do dont try Amyl Nitrate a.k.a Poppers/Ammo/tnt it may well kill you! You need to go to a doctor if it gets any worse.

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