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Too lightweight for hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redhead420, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I got a grinder with a keef screen, but I'm starting to wonder if I should avoid making hash anyway because of my low tolerance. Is it stronger than regular weed? Like a LOT stronger?

    To give you an idea of my tolerance level, I had 1/3 of a bowl of top mids or lower dank through an ice bong and had hallucinations and threw up. So I'm a serious lightweight. I made a batch of brownies with 1/8th of some cheap stuff ($35 for 1/8th from a dispensary) and ate a ONE by ONE by ONE INCH square and got way higher than I wanted to be for like 6 hours.

    If I shouldn't use hash, what do I do with the keef? :confused:
  2. Send it to me, I'll take it off your hands.
  3. just keep saving it until your tolerance does build up, and if ya smoke a lot believe me it will build up or just sprinkle a little of the keif on your bowls or wraps
  4. just smoke less of it, hash is great dude and it always seems to last forever, also I'm pretty sure hash isn't any stronger than keif, and you can always hold onto it until your tolerance increases
  5. You could use to for getting high quickly if your tolerance is too low to use it to get super high.... for example.... a bowl of kief.... would probably get you to the same level 2-3 bowls of dank would. So you could load a pinch of weed and top with some kief, and get really high, much faster.... Or, save it until your tolerance gets to a point where you just feel like getting flat out stoned and smoke a bunch of it hahahha
  6. Hash is just a different high in my opinion. It is, however, concentrate so if you smoke a large bowl of it then you might get really high, especially if you're a lightweight. I used to take hash (when I used to get real hash, not keif) and make cigarette spliffs with it. Thats all I smoked for a few months. Now I don't smoke cigs too often so I just save my keif for dire circumstances. When I get to a week where I can't get a bag or have no money I take a little of the keif, load a half bowl in my sobe bong and take a rip of the keif/weed mixture. Does the trick even without a full bowl of weed to smoke.
  7. Try a little bit on top of a small bowl of weed, and smoke it slowly and see if you want more. No, kief isn't as strong as you probably think, but it's like 80% trichome heads so yeah, it's pretty potent stuff.
  8. Once you get enough kief built up just take it hit by hit. Also kief isn't suuupppperrr strong but it is pretty potent. When I first got a grinder I built up some kief and couldn't wait to smoke it. I loaded like half a bowl and took a huge hit. I choked and blew out the smoke and looked in the mirror and my eyes were instantly bloodshot LOL
  9. Gotta start sometime
  10. save it definitely, by the time your tolerance is high, you'll have a decent amount.
  11. "This stuff is to potent and is a 1 hitter quitter and better then regular weed, guess I should throw it away."


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