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  1. Is it too late to grow outdoors from bag seeds in virginia? it should stay at atleast 70 degrees hear until late october.
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    MUCH too late. Save your seeds for an early start in the spring. You could meantime read about how best to prepare the ground ready for a grow. Good luck.
  3. okay thanks. one more question, are bag seeds really that different from buying seeds from a seedbank? like, is it possible for the bag seeds to grow into a good plant or would i be better off spending the money on buying seeds from a seed bank?
  4. Nothing wrong with bagseed, if you enjoyed the smoke bagseed will grow you more of the same. And you can properly dry and cure the buds, and probably get a product BETTER than what you started with.
    Certainly many people like to invest in expensive (and usually more potent) named varieties, though. Everyone has their favourites.
  5. okay. thanks alot man.
  6. It's not just how warm it will be,its also got to do with there wont be enough hours of light a day for a plant to fully grow

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