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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by greengrow3, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. i live in southern California!
    and would it be to late if i started growing right now!?

    when its winter the weather doesnt even get that cold. it just gets cloudy
    so i think they would grow pretty good
  2. I'm not sure of the temps down there but if there is a frost your plants will die :(
  3. I'm doubtful. Its not all heat ya know, it's the fact that the days are shorter. I believe that it will force your plants to flower before they are big enough, but then again I have no experience growing in the winter, so....maybe?
  4. ok thanks for your input!

    i will try it, if i fail then i know not to grow at this time of year =)
  5. temperature wise it might be possible

    but light's gonna be a problem. a pot plant grows when there's more light time than night time. as the days get shorter, it starts to flower. starting a plant now would mean that it would be started with only enough light to make it flower.

    so it'll probably grow a tiny bit and start flowering.
    but heck, go for it, it could be fun ^^
  6. actually, a marijuana plant will still have about a week of veg time even if you put it into straight 12/12. I would suggest starting the plant indoors until about 2 weeks of vegging (24/0 light schedule) and then sticking it outside.

    Look up Greengene's SOG grow if you want proof, its in the Indoor Growing section.
  7. If I lived in S.California where it stays really warm, even through the winter I'd definitely start some seeds outside or start them indoor under 24 hour lighting and let them veg for 2 or three weeks and then put them outside. I'd try it both ways, start some by seed outside and some by seed indoors. If at all possible use some earlier flowering strains like Speed Queen (Mandala seeds) or an Early Girl variety. If you're going to do it do it now, don't spend too much time thinking about it and act quick.
    Happy gardening!

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