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  1. The seed germinated way faster than I thought. Is it too late to plant now? This is my first experience with growing anything lol

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  2. Why do so many people think they have to "germinate" a seed before they plant it??
    put the fucking seed in wet dirt and under a light and let it do its thing...
    NOTHING can come good out of handling a freshly popped seed because this stupid fucking forum has idiots telling people to "germinate" seeds.
    Seeds need darkness, moisture, and warmth to sprout. A seed inside dirt is in darkness? Watering dirt makes it moist? Putting the pot under lights creates heat??
    Jesus christ
  3. That thing is toast. Next time just drop it in the dirt.
    Only reason I would germ in a towel is if I had a bunch of old seeds, one batch I had was popping maybe 2 out of 10. Nothing wrong with it, just plant them as soon as they crack open instead of an inch long, lol.
  4. Haha I figured it was done for but had to ask. I planned it just for shits and gigs though. Who knows maybe it will be my miracle plant ha
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    no lights requird until theyve pooped out of the soil
  6. back in the early days of internet grow sites/forums/BBS ...many ..err all of em, had seedbanks attached to em. really the other way around I guess. kinda like here, just not as cool :gc_rocks: .
    so one of the first things a seedbank needs to do is prejudice you against whatever you're using ( bag seeds), & the second is to guarantee you'll come back or spend tons of money once.  And poor germ rates do that well, all the while giving seed banks plausible deniability by sluffing the blame off to the actual breeders.
    all hail Marc Emery Prince of Pot(olitic$) . :eek: :devious:
    Well they need heat so that is how I heat them...
    They also need light so they know which way to grow
  8. Haveing them under a light as soon as their planted helps prevent stretching the first few hours of growth.

    Can be the difference between a 2 inch tall seedling, and a 4 inch seedling.
    A skimpy stem, or a nice thick stem.
  9. They need room temp, basically they'll be fine growing up towards the toil in a not heated cuboard, they also don't need light as direction until they have left the soil, germinatiing seeds with the lights on will just dry out the soil..
  10. Not if your monitoring them enough, your just gonna dry out the soiil
  11. Well, yeah true.

    But I assume it isnt a burden to keep your seedling moist.
  12. Umm... really? Ive got 10-12 going right now that are 2-3' tall that looked like that.. deaf not toast. Hope planted that OP
  13. I know it's probably too late, but If I were in your shoes I would carefully put it in soil just to see what happens. At this point what do you have to lose? And I also "germinate" seeds in their starter pots. I've never had a need to do otherwise. If it ain't broke...
    Stem thickness comes entirely from the amount of airflow it almost 4 week veg plants have stems as thick as my fingers because I had high powered fans on them from day 4-5. Thick stems means thick buds
    I agree it won't hurt to try...I would of put it in dirt before I even took a picture of it
    like you telling people to use super thrive its all just preference :smoke:
    You can't give me enough super thrive I love I'm addicted to the smell.
    And recommending a product when people are having stress issues is a lot different than telling people to germinate seeds before planting.
    Plus a small ass bottle of super thrive will literally last all year lol
  18. Still, if your plant pops up in a dim or lightless environment it will stretch looking for light as a number one goal.

    Of course fans are what encourage stem thickness to increase, is a must, but good lighting at all times reduces an urge for your stem and node distance to increase.

    Having this initially thicker stem from birth gives your plant a slight advantage in my opinion.

    But really, you should have your planted seeds under lights by day 4, waiting for them.

    I have tested this.
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    No they do not. A seed that is planted in complete darkness will still grow upward due to gravitropism. That is another example of a myth often perpetuated by "fucking forum idiots".
  20. Wow. Everyone is arguing the wrong points.
    The issue isn't the specific technique you use for germing, it's about the grower paying attention to the plants. Nothing wrong with germing before planting as long as you pay attention to when it's ready to go into soil. Nothing wrong with germing under lights, or not, as long as you get light on them as soon as possible after they pop through. Keeping the light on before they pop through ensures you won't miss the optimal time.
    And there is absolutely no need to call someone with a different view than your own a "fucking idiot" or anything like that. Tolerance and respect, people.

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