too late to use neem oil?

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  1. ive got some ladies a few weeks into flower, small buds all over. During their veg. cycle they went through a thrip investation, which i thought i overcame. guess not, so now i need to know if its too late to use the neem oil again? any answers please..
  2. bump. common i cant let this problem get any worse, any help appreciated.
  3. If I was you and I might be soon because a shop gave me clones with Thirps... I would use a Sulfur Burner and try to nuke them. Sulfur worked pretty well on my Aphid problem. No matter how much you spray with neem you will never kill all of them. I promise you that. Just spray the leaves and avoid hitting the buds. You can use neem ass much as you like, just don't hit the buds or they'll taste like neem.

    When you clone (I'm assuming you clone) make sure to never use any shoots that have damage on them from the thirps, they could have laid eggs there.

    If you have already cloned be on the ware out for the thirps to come back if you see a clone with thrip damage you must destroy it. Only be breeding out the disease can you hope to stop them for good.
  4. i just harvested after usinng neem 2 weeks prior and my buds tasted fine and kept my spider mite problem at bay until my buds were ready

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