Too late to prune?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smiley Coyote, May 19, 2010.

  1. I prefer LST myself but this being my first crop. one plant in particular has only just recently started to pass up the others as far as height. I started with seeds from the last few months of smoking and have no idea what strains I am dealing with. The four tallest ones I tied down and two I just let go, thinking they were indicas but I think that this one at least is a hybrid and I don't want it to get too tall (pic below).

    I am six weeks in and am wanting to go to flower in two to four weeks (below optimum temperature makes things slower than they should be). Is it too late to prune? I COULD use some Bushmaster but I am in a really tight budget right now.

    I have heard that a plant can double and even triple in height during flowering but if, at seeks weeks, we are only dealing with plants this size (you see five gallon pots in the photo), will I even have to worry? The temperature IS going to go up over the next several weeks as summer temps rise.

    The second photo shows the same plant - it's the one on the bottom right.
  2. I grow #1 skunk with WW, those #1's are like fucking kudzu but I never prune them back just LST or scrog the fuck out of them.

    IMO you've vegged long enough, get those bitches into flower.
  3. Okay, the pics totally uploaded and then did not show up. I'll try again here.
  4. Pics are not even working right now I guess.

    The problem is the stalk is far too thick now to start yanking on it with LST.
  5. You're still in veg you can do whatever you want.

    I put mine into flower as soon as they revert back to veg state, basically little twiggy bushes 5 inches tall, after a couple weeks in flower they go crazy.
  6. What about pruning, though? I am a first timer and four of my six are being tied down and I just wanted to do two differently so as to expand my opportunities for learning from this experience.

    Is it too late? The ninth node is what I would be cutting.

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