Too late to LST? Tips curly also

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  1. I was wondering from any experienced LST'ers if this stem is too thick yet? Iam afraid to snap it.

    Also, some of the tips of the leaves are curling back like that one in the lower left on this picture. I think that was due to when we had individual lights being overhead and too close and focused on the top/center and not the outer edges of the plant. Would that happen if these tips weren't getting strong lumens?

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  2. No it's not too late to start LST. Just bend it a little at a time, you will get a feel for how far you can bend it. Unless the light was actually touching the plant, cfl's aren't strong enough to give a plant light burn.
  3. Au contraire mon frere, yes they can.

    When doing the last upgrade (in my grow journal - week 6) some on the 23w CFL's touched some of the tips causing them to get a little burnt.

    I plan on going with 42w bulbs for my flower as they have the best lumen/watt ratio and I would prefer more lower power as I can light more leaf surface area. I wonder if they would toast the tips even quicker. The final setup will hold though so no worries about touching leafs unless they grow too quick while at work.
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    which is why he said...

    so the moral is... don't let your plants touch a hot a bulb. should be obvious but guess not. plants are about as sensitive to heat as your hand. so if you would rather not touch, neither does the plant.

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