too late to grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by le4ch, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. I don't want to have some big outcome.. i dont mind if it doesnt make it to buddign i just need the experiance so i can plan a bigger grow fro next may ...

    Is it too late to grow 1 plant just for fun for practice or not..

  2. i would but im out of money ehehehh
  3. what are the lights called and how many would i need just to grow 1 plant prolly 2 right?


  4. whgat about them security lights? arent you gonna grab them?
  5. yah if i build up enough courage to go out alone without hj :) haha

    yeah man u need to coem over!!! :)
  6. you can plant seed any time of the year they just wont be great plants and you might have to build a box to put it in at night if you want it to bud.

    go for it and see what happens unless you paid for the seed then wait for spring.
  7. anyone wanna donate 1 seed of ANYTHING to me so i can play around with it...
  8. im sure you must have friends who smoke. and if they smoke, out of reasons unknown, even if they will never grow, they always save seeds! ask a buddy or some weed dealer, im sure theyll give you some seeds :)
  9. i have asked alot of people for some and they all say no cause then they will lose my business which is bullshit i hate this city of sammamish , WA haha

  10. you havent collected any? out of bags youve obviously bought?
  11. i got a half last week and i didnt find 1 seed in it :/

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