too late to flower??

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  1. Can I put my blueberry skunk mother outside, Its been vegging for a year. Im in the midwest and shes been under 24 hour light. Is it too late in the season. Got the hole dug and ready to go, just want to make sure its gonna be worth it. dont think I wanna hang on to it for another year
  2. Pics of this plant vegging for a year?
  3. You prob got like two months mabe more depending on when it gets cold
  4. If you have the knowledge to Veg a plant a year, surely you know if your able to flower in your area.
  5. Its not as impressive as you think, every two months it got raped, I just pulled 60 clones from it and it looks like a bonsai pot plant. poor girl, I should just put her out of her misery<

    Ive never grown outdoors and from the homework ive done on it, its not the same as indoors as far as photo period is concerned. I wasnt sure if going from 24 hrs , to out side would delay flowering. I just want to make sure I am gaurenteed a harvest by mid oct, or before it freezes. Im not even gonna risk it if not 100% sure.

    I got a 30 gallon hole dug and was gonna fill it with ff soil, who ever said growing outdoors was easy is full of shit,

    I would much rather wash hydroton vs diggin a hole in Aug. gettin too damn old.

    I went out to a buddys out door grow and they were clearly begining to show signs of flowering, think I might just burn her:(
  6. Can you not flower where she is?
  7. Its in my veg room under 2 400 watt mh, with my other younger mothers and i got some new genetics and need the space.
  8. Can you harden the plant off before putting it out, the shock of the cold is the only thing that might stunt it.
  9. its still plenty warm outside, usally the outdoor grows around here get harvested mid to late Oct.

    My question is if I move the plant from outside would it finish in time time or is it gonna be a few weeks behind and not be done till mid Nov and I lose it because it got to cold
  10. Whats the strains finishing time? Simple math
  11. Its not that easy with outdoors, its a 8 to 9 week strain Bluberry skunk, my fav

    8-9 weeks from now will be maybe 20th October.
    Now go on google and check the average first frosts of the year in your area. Im guessing it will be Early November.
  13. Simple Math?? pretty sure 8 to 9 weeks is for indoor where you can set the lights for 12/12. Outdoors is totally different, If it was simple math, wouldnt you add 8 weeks to sept 21, which is the autumn equinox, when there is equal daylight to night time or 12/12.

    Outdoors the plant goes into flower due to the decreasing daylight times, they will flower for 3 months outdoors vs 8 weeks indoors.

    do some homework before giving advise
  14. I don't know if it would shock the poor girl after so long under 24/0, but perhaps turning dark for 24-36 hrs b4 you put her out would help kick into gear.
  15. Why would you add 8 weeks to sept 21?
    Yeah do some homework on the strain your growing!!!
    You should have had them out a while ago then.

    You said it yourself they flower due to decreasing hrs and they start flowering at about 14-15hrs daylight. Which is now in the northern hemisphere. So if you put them out now if they take 8-9 weeks like you say then they will be done.

    Simple Math.
  16. It's not too late. Most plants are just starting to flower outdoors and I think your strain is an indica so it should finish fast enough. Although I'm in CA so I don't know about the weather patterns in the mid west.

    The plant my have a little shock going from indoors to outdoors. You could harden if off by taking it out into the sun for a couple hours for a day or two, then put her out and she should do better. But hopefully it won't be a problem for an older established plant.
  17. Now there you go, you wouldnt listen to me but you will listen to someone with lots of green boxes beside their name.
  18. Do some homework
  19. I like the idea of putting it in 36 hours of darkness to jump start flowering, my concern was that since my buddies plants are already begining to flower and factor in any transplant shock thats bound to happen I will be 3 weeks behind. we get early freezes here and dont want to lose it at the end.

    Dont want to jeperdize my indoor grow by getting greedy and throwin one outside, especially if it freezes mid nov.

    boxes and post mean nothing too me, growing quality bud is the only thing I care about, period

    and not getting arrested doing it:wave:
  20. Probably your worst problem will be that she will get sunburned w/ the quickness if you put her in full sun immediately. You may want to put her in a partial shaded area for several days prior to putting her in the sun. I've moved mothers outdoors to finish as alte as mid-Sept., but I'm several zones south of you. Usually a finishing girl can handle light frost, but not a freeze. I set out a skunk#1 x NL5 mother that was 8 months old once in the fall and she went a full 8 weeks- sat through several light frosts and turned solid purple. Some of the dankest smoke I ever grew.

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