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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hobbes, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. aight i got a box set up and i wish to god i had a descent cam cause its tits... anywhoo ive got a heat problem with it that I'mma not sure can be delt with but ive got the temp hovering around 88 or so sometimes ive goten it to decend all the way to 82 but i think that was a fluke but it rarely climes above 90 or 91 i just want to know if this is considered heat stress and by having it up at this high a temp is that possibly increasing my hermy possibilites
    by the way i got no idea what strain its just some random bagseed since every time i tried to get good seeds i just got fucked over and i dont feel like toping my 200 dollar loss on seeds any further... but yeah is 88 or so to hot?
  2. its at that temp right now and the box is running at only about 20 percent cause the only thing i have on right now is the 400 watt MH as soon as they get a little taller and the light isnt reaching the bottoms as much i have 6 two foot long "light stick" floros of the wallmart variety ser up vertically around the 6 plants i got going and on top of the 400 watt MH i have two 400 watt HPS's to get turned on come the 24/0 12/12 switch and i dont know if I'mma have all 3 of the 400 watters going durring flowering although i guess i could if the temp is managable..... but wow i sure hope the temp will be able to be handeled... oh and the HPS and MH are in a hood i built outa angle iron and that x-acto foam board and a lot of aluminum heat vent tape... i got a strong ass fanhooked up to the top of the hood so I'm hoping that all the hot being produced from the hood itself is being pulled out...... :p these are gonna be some fat buds if i can pull this one off :D
  3. i have a few thoughts

    MH are alot hotter than HPS
    CF/floro are alot cooler than both.

    mylar is cheap and very effective way to utilize lumes more effectively.

    u didnt mention how big ur 'box' is. 3x400 watts is a crapper load of lumes. even for 6 plants...that is some large light-age. if u have more than 3000 lumes per cu ft, u have too many lumes in ur actual grow space ( dont count the pots or above grow lights).

    maybe a top fan, pointing away from the box. this will draw air up from the bottom, also giving u new air exchanges. also heat rises. sounds like u have one but maybe 2 or 3. but in the best case, there should be holes at the bottom and holes at the top, none in the middle.

    along with that top fan idea, if u can have ur box on a tray of rocks and water, that will create humid cool breezes.

    but imo, i dont think 90 is too hot. its getting there tho, ur on the higher end. but when its 12/12, maybe that temp will go down.
  4. thanks for the help but i cant cut any more than the 2 holes in it that are there now cause ones the intake and ones the exhaust and ones on the left of the box and ones on the right and the fan that is in there was used in a machiene that made washers like the little metal disks well yeah its putten out more air than 20 little computer fans could and its heat vented right into the top of the hood of the lights so all the air is getting pulled through the hood so no heat is being generated

    so i cant cut holes due to stealth that i appriceiate as much as hippie john, and no more fans can be added but as long as u think around 90 is good then i think I'mma ok cause i havent seen it climb past 90.0 in the last few days since i taped up a couple of holes......... w/e I'mma try to get a cam so u can see what the hecks going on... i fucking might as well start a grow journal while I'mma at it haha...

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