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  1. i have 3 plants in my growbox but the temperature of the cups that are holding the soil are way too hot..
    i have one fan going in the box and thats all i can have right now
    i am adding computer fans but that wont be for another day..
    is there anything i can do to bring the temp of the box down other than fans?
  2. How are the fans placed?
    The intake fan should be placed low and the outtake fan should be placed high.
    Do they have enough CFM to exchange the air fast enough?
  3. i only have one fan in the box currently
    i am adding the intake and outtake fans on monday
    is there anything i can do in the mean time to bring the temp of the box down?
    i touched the cup that is holding one of the plants and i can feel its really warm
    can i burn my plants if i dont get these fans faster??
  4. place fans closer to plants. . . do w/e needs to be done so that they wont die . . .you dont want them to die after getting this far do you. . .treat them like your babies; b/c they are. :)
  5. I recommend moving the fan you have to the exhaust hole to better draw cooler intake air into the grow space. You need ventilation, not just recirculation of the same hot air.

    You say the temperature of the cups is too hot? What are you measuring?
  6. if you want a temporary solution you can put 2-4 bottles with frozen water in them. It will drop the temp down and last for like 4-8 hours, you can keep doing that until tomorrow I guess.
    What is the temp in there?
  7. When i say the temperature of the cups is too hot, i mean when i touch the cup i can feel that the cup is really warm, i thought this was bad for the plants.

    i am going to try the frozen water bottle thing and i have moved the fan so it is somewhat circulating the air
  8. i dont know the temp in the box i dont have a thermometer
  9. get a thermometer dude... They are cheap and will help you a lot.

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