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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by rockhardnugs, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. I have a problem guys. My plant is 7 weeks into flower and had previously been flowering in a shaded area where it looked fine. However, since the lack of sunlight that it received from this location, I found a new location where it gets a good 6 hours of direct sunilght. I thought this would help the buds get more developed near the lower portion of the plant as well as the top. The problem is after two days of being in this new location, many of the fan leaves have drooped down. Their is no yellowing of the leaves which would have otherwise indicated that the plant was about ready to harvest. And I stopped fertilizing a week ago without any problems...plant looked fine. The last time I watered was 2 days ago and the soil looked somewhat dry so I watered it today too see if that was the cause. And i know overwatering definately does not play a factor in my plants appearance. Anyone know what the hell is going on. I'm figuring that the plant got shocked because of the sudden increase in sunlight but more so because of the sudden high temperatures (89-95F) that have persisted for the past week. If my plants appearance doesn't improve, should I move it too the previous shaded location where it doesn't get much sunlight? Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated. I'm hoping that the plant just needed a little bit more water but I have a feeling that's not the reason. Need your help guys, thanks
  2. How big is your pot? You need a 3 gallon pot! Sink your finger into soil about 2 inches! If it feels wet don't water!
    Hope that helps! If it was doing well where it was why did you move it???? You don't want to stress it it will go hermie on you and turn out like shit!
  3. Yes my plant is in a 3 gallon pot and it is so far into the flowering stage that there is no chance of it going hermie...unless i get a flashlight and have fun with it in the middle of the night. I moved the plant because it wasn't getting enough sunlight (around 2 hours of morning sun) and the buds weren't progressing at the expected rate. The reason I didn't start off with the sunny location in the first place is because the plant was to big to not be noticeable at this spot. I was able to move it because I topped the upper portion of the plant so that the lower underdeveloped buds could catch up. Thus topping it, the plant wasn't peering over my fence as was the case before. And the increase in sunlight will only help to give me a higher yield in the end. But I fixed the problem of the drooping leaves already by watering it. I should have seen this...drooping leaves is usually due to lack of water or overwatering but since i watered it two days ago, i figured this wasn't the case. And if anything, the soil might go a little dry but I'll never overwater it and drown the roots. But the increase in sunlight as well as the higher temps dried out the soil a lot faster than expected. But i caught it early enough as today was the first sign of lack of water. After watering it, leaves popped right back up.
  4. glad to hear you solved your problem!

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