Too high to notice I met Michael Jordan....

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    I don't know how many of you know this but Jordan owns a motorcycle roadracing team. He's a frequent flyer to Virginia Int'l Raceway when the big boys of AMA show up to race, his guys included. Anyways, for those of you who don't know, I'm a freelance photographer and my uncle races in CCS. i travel all over the eastern seaboard shooting at his races. the AMA race, the 'Big Kahuna' is at VIR this weekend (tomorrow too, and it'll be on SPEED at 4:00pm EST). I wasnt expecting Jordan to make an appearance and for me to witness it, but boyyyy was i wrong. here's how it went down... quickly though.

    i smoked 2 bowls.
    got ready for the race at 3pm.
    shot for around 45 minutes.
    decided to go take a piss so i dropped off my camera at my friend's trailer.....

    i'm walking towards the bathrooms at the far side of the paddock, minding my own business, and i notice a really tall, fairly built black guy, and a short black woman walking directly towards me. i see we're on a collision course from 30ft or so, so i move over to the left to let them pass me. as i get closer, the guy smiles at me and says "now that man has a really nice pair of sunglasses!", and points to his own (we were wearing the same pair of oakley's). i just laughed, smiled, said "thanks man" and shook his hand w/o thinkin (tryin to be nice i guess). so i walk about 10 steps and stop dead in my tracks, turn around, and realize.... i just fucking got approached by Michael fucking Jordan hahaha i shoulda known... basketball shorts, a white/carolina blue cut off jersey, tall as fuck... you get the idea. im dumb. haha

    but damnnn he's really a nice guy!! that shit made my day, i know that. anybody else met him? :)
  2. That is sick. Your reaction to him is actually a good thing in my opinion. You just treated him like a chill ass dude, for a guy who probably has people literally drool just by seeing him it's probably a nice thing to happen.
  3. thats awesomee!! i wish i could meet mike :D
  4. haha thanks man, i actually thought about that. i know most people would probably trip over themselves to say hey but i just walked in his direction, he made a statement, i laughed, shook his hand and kept walkin. it was kinda surreal haha but yeah i think youre right, i prolly did the right thing, unintentional or not.
  5. Haha cool. I'm sure celebs do enjoy getting treated like normal people as opposed to the adoring masses who probably make fools out of themselves when given the chance to approach someone famous. Lemme see those Oakleys...:p
  6. haha yeahh i know whatcha mean. and here ya go.. idk if you were jokin but oh well haha its all good
  7. cool

    wonder if he's ever smoked weed before . . .

    maybe for some sports injuries? :ey:
  8. [​IMG]

    i uploaded todays pics to my myspace, heres one of jordan's bikes for those who have never seen it
  9. a former job of mine hosted one of Peyton Manning's Peyback Foundation events, and I was actually in a conversation with Petyon Manning, Tony Stewart, and Dallas Clark.

    Fuck an autograph. I don't have to prove my memories of how cool they are.
  10. haha id like to think he has/is. hahaha he's really chill and happy aparently. hmmmm... happy and chill. and he was walkin towards the concessions. hmmm.... yeah. hahaha maybe he does :smoking: hell im smokin right now haha
  11. was tony bitchin about his racing? hahaha jk jk jk
  12. Holy Shit... Michael Jordon is fucking hilarious. I am so gonna use that joke about the sunglasses. Damn, seems like such a cool guy. Wish I could meet him

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