Too High To Measure

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by toasterica, May 29, 2009.

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    im sitting at my laptop thinking about how high i am right now but then understand that i caaan get this point across through writing on its own and i believe should explain the fourthcoming. under this new oath the pieces come together in a pattern that the mind seeks and the body never gets. i dont know what im saying but they are coming from thinking about what i feel. in a way feels like a dream where all the sensing perspectives are skewed to become similar, one entity. it is either a yes or no. a presence or a nonexistence. obviously there is something and not nothing. if there was nothing, we wouldn't know it. a something that is continuously being lead to nothing. there is no end, there is no beginning. if we are something we are always something but now im getting lead off track. here i am just splling my thoughts- my high thoughts.


    Both sides of kitchen stadium are plating
    Bathing in hot oil
    Drinking the soil
    Some prefer to be hypnotized
    Miss the "real" with those eyes
    See what they feel inside
    More like a riptide
    Taking every stride
    Leading away the ones who glide
    Open shoulder to the sky
    A way you cant deny
    Gleams the steam
    All the cream
    Sparkles wander
    An appetite among her
    Steared stash
    Makin some cash
    The hard only lastin so long
    In time they belong
    Letting go is so hard
    In the end it is one or another
    Criss cross
    Pleasin the boss
    It only goes one way
    Make it the sauce
    You and you
    Know what to do
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  2. Excellent thread! :D

    We arise seemingly in limbo between non-existence and existence. Yet the two work together in unison, through us (our energy, our Being).

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