Too High to go to Work

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Green Ganja, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Today i blazed with some friends and i took like 5-8 hits off my 2 foot AMG bong and it hits great it has an ice catcher. and we put sprite in it . instead of water and it was great but i took to many hits and ended up calling in sick to work and having to sleep it off . i felt like i was goin to barf. was it the weed or the ammount of hits or what ?:smoke: Green Ganja
  2. To be honest I wouldn't use sprite. Just water. Especially in your bong?
  3. carbonation maybe?? or just dank hits
  4. maybe the carbonation, but I dunno...

    if you were taking big rips and coughing a lot, that can catch up to you. excessive coughing can do that, but if that's not the case, who knows...
  5. both me and my friend got sick the one time we used coke in a waterfall... i think it was the sprite.
  6. Its the carbonation. I used to use certain sodas in my hookah, but never had a problem... Sometimes if you cough too much, The gag reflex hits, and yeah, we all know what happens next. Hope you're feeling better!:wave:
  7. that sucks i think it was a combo of things
  8. it could have been a number of things. If you're not used to taking that many hits, or if you were like coughing a lot it probably just caught up to you. It sounds like you almost greened out to me.
    Also, like the guys are saying, it might have been the carbonation. I myself would stick to water in the ol' bong
  9. If I'm taking too many hits out of a bong really quickly of some DANK, I will cough so hard it sucks ass and at times I wanna puke. But that's just cuz I've not been smokin too much lately cuz I'm in rehab so yee
  10. I would clean your bong ASAP, the stickiness from the soda may ruin it...
  11. ever put ice in a bong??? that is the shit...hits soooo smooth. and it doesn't hurt the bong at all
  12. wtf sprite, man of all the things to put. Only use water, its the best thing. Im blaming it on the sprite tho cuz FUCK im never to high to go to work, I even blaze there. Eventually your body gets use to it so GL with all that shit

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